Thursday, October 1, 2009

She GOT legs!

Monica Brant is a fitness ICON!


I also LOVE her legs.

If you want great legs you need to work them out.... HARD!

My personal favorite is finding a hill and sprinting up as fast as I can( I mean- full out sprint, using your whole body, sprinting on your toes, literally RUNNING for your LIFE) and then walking down to recover.

After I get 6 or so really good sprints in... I start to do walking lunges UP the hill, and depending on how I feel - power skipping downhill, or jumping, sometimes switching left leg for 10- right leg for 10 hopping down the hill. You can do this up the hill too... but no matter what try to add in some hill work into your leg workouts.

Hills are AWESOME!

Don't be surprised if you feel it right AWAY!

It feels good.

For more fun leg workout tips... I direct you to one of my newest FAVORITE Daily ponderings from a physique transformation guru

Jodi is AWESOME! I worked with her on my nutrition when I was competing in fitness with The Savage Girls- and let me tell you-- not only is she amazing- but she gives you the information bluntly, directly and HILARIOUSLY! I always learned from her, because it was never boring and neither is her blog! You definitely want to sign up for her newsletter and RSS feed.

Happy leg and hill training!
(ps. I don't sprint while pregnant... because literally I can't breathe when I'm done.. just in case you were wondering;))