Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winner of Pilates DVD!!

Hey ladies!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far-- and enjoying life:) I have so much going on right now and I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog (but if it makes you feel better, all my blogs have suffered!) But, now that summer is in full swing, I hope to be more consistent again.

I will quickly announce the winner of the latest Pilate's DVD-- according to the winner IS:

Comment #4!

So, congrats Noelle!! Your perseverance in entering my Friday Fitness Giveaway has paid off!:) YEAH!!!

E-mail your address to me at bertieranger4 @

Lots more Friday Fitness Giveaways to come-- with even better giveaways. They will make up for the missed Friday's:)

Some of you may have noticed the post below- that was so nicely done by my husband to try to drive traffic to my site and to keep my local fans up to date with the fitness scene out here. He is also building me an "official" site- so I can do more with it! So, we have been working on that- and will hopefully be unveiling that within the next week or 2! Lots of exciting stuff in store.

Thanks so much for your continued support-- and keep coming back-- because you won't want to miss my upcoming NEWS!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some local fitness information of interest!

The Sugar Land Lifetime Fitness gym (editor's note - we are members) is currently hiring an assistant in their personal training department. It's for assistant department head. Link takes you to the post:

Found that while searching through the results for personal training in Sugar Land. Funny how many irrelevant links there are if you're just looking for a trainer. Here's a sampling:

(This one's what I reference below)
(Trainer is a local, but is posted in a party planning site?)
(Pay $50 and voila! You're now a certified personal trainer! Hmmm....)
(A link to one Yahoo biz result in Sugar Land - of 10 or so listings, only 1 review...)

Who would ever go through all the effort of filling in forms for such an impersonal site? Look, if I'm going to shell out $$$ to get trained, I want to know who the trainers are up front, not give them all my details and hope the best professional in Sugar Land gets back to me. Am I right here, folks?

I'll be posting more info about the local fitness scene as it develops.