Friday, November 20, 2009

Training Packages!!

Due to many requests, I have decided to start on-line personal training as well as, continuing to train clients in person. So, whether you want to learn how to do any of the tricks in the above picture, look good in a uni-tard, run that marathon, or just want to feel healthy, energetic and at your best-- then THIS is for you:)

On-line personal training- This is for you:

1. If you really don't have a problem getting to the gym or working out-- but you don't like having to figure out a new weight/cardio routine when you are bored with your current one, or knowing when to switch it up, or how to work on your body and transform it into the best YOU possible!

2. If you need that extra attention from someone who cares that you are getting your stuff done! Through texts, e-mails, motivational videos, etc.... Someone who needs their own personal cheerleader (and who DOESN'T need one of those)! And someone who will hold you accountable.

3. If you can't come see me, but still love my killer workouts.

4. If you don't have anything to work with- and can only workout at home- but aren't sure exactly what to do.

Then THIS is for you!

One-on-One in person- personal training/small group training- This is for you:

1. If you are anywhere in Orange County. I can come to you or you can come to me!

2. If you need that certain someone cheering you on, or if you prefer yelling at you (army style) making sure you don't let up on the last rep... and pushes you beyond your limits.

3. If you have no clue where to start and just need that extra guidance.... then I'm here for YOU!

-Training Packages-

On-line personal training - $50/month

-A new workout routine including weight training/cardio/ functional/plyo training every month
-24/7 email contact with me
-Printable workout logs to monitor your progress
-Frequent motivational emails/video including tips and recipes
-Weekly online check ins!
-goal assessments
-nutrition counsel

You will be sending me your pictures and stats bi-weekly so I can assess your progress and what route to take. Very personalized routines will be sent to you! I'm YOUR trainer, not just a book, we will find out what works FOR YOU! Everyone is different.

Your progress depends on what I give you and what YOU decide to do with it. You can count on me fighting with you all along the way. You can DO THIS!

One-on-One personal training/small group training - $40/30 min. or $75/hr. (if you buy bulk sessions, the price will go down) Have a friend or 2 join you and the price goes down per person... AND you will have more accountability partners. SCORE all around!

OR for a flat rate of $500/month you can have unlimited one on one sessions!
(which you would get your money's worth in only 6.5 sessions!)

You will get all the above only I will see you in person and we will do a body/fitness assessment the first time we meet, and then bi-weekly from there. I want to see you, SEE yourself change!!

With one-on-one personal training I will travel to anywhere in Orange County or you can come to my training facility in Mission Viejo.

My goal is to see you happy and to see you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve! I believe in YOU! And I believe in a very personalized training program to help get you there. I'm the road-- and you are the runner that gets to the end of the road! We NEED each other.

If you are interested in any of my services please e-mail me at and we will get you started! I will be adding more as time goes on, but I limit how many people I am able to take on each month, because I REALLY do believe in personalization, so don't wait!

 Let's DO IT!


Ash said...

I want in. I need it!

Amy said...

I had a baby 6 weeks ago and I'm dying to win this contest!!!!!

Derek said...

Count me in!!! We just got a Total Gym and would love some extra fitness help! Getting married to your sister has not been good for my figure and all help will be appreciated!

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Tomjay said...

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Unknown said...

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