Monday, November 30, 2009


Even if you didn't win my on-line personal training package--- I'm still giving a deal for the month of December for on-line personal training..... Here is YOUR deal........ I'm giving everyone who signs up in Dec. on-line personal training for HALF off! So, YES! That means- YOU only pay $15.00 for the whole month of December-- this is a great price to just "try" it out and see if it is something you would like to do!

E-mail or leave me a comment with your e-mail and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and get you started! Why wait til' Jan. 1st-- be HOT and HEALTHY for Christmas:) Get a head start this year....

Always have fun and happy training!


First off, I hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving:) Holidays are a wonderful time to get together with family and friends and celebrate ALL we have to be thankful for! Sorry for the delay in getting the "news" to you- but I have been out of town and am just now back to my computer. But enough about ME- let's here it for the WINNERS!!!

1. Ashley
2. Amy
3. Patty from Facebook!

Congratulations LADIES!! Now, I just need you to e-mail me at and I will send you a questionnaire regarding your goals, etc... and then as soon as I have your plan formulated-- I'll send it over to you.

I can't wait-- and this IS happening! I know, it is like a dream come true;) LOL!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Training Packages!!

Due to many requests, I have decided to start on-line personal training as well as, continuing to train clients in person. So, whether you want to learn how to do any of the tricks in the above picture, look good in a uni-tard, run that marathon, or just want to feel healthy, energetic and at your best-- then THIS is for you:)

On-line personal training- This is for you:

1. If you really don't have a problem getting to the gym or working out-- but you don't like having to figure out a new weight/cardio routine when you are bored with your current one, or knowing when to switch it up, or how to work on your body and transform it into the best YOU possible!

2. If you need that extra attention from someone who cares that you are getting your stuff done! Through texts, e-mails, motivational videos, etc.... Someone who needs their own personal cheerleader (and who DOESN'T need one of those)! And someone who will hold you accountable.

3. If you can't come see me, but still love my killer workouts.

4. If you don't have anything to work with- and can only workout at home- but aren't sure exactly what to do.

Then THIS is for you!

One-on-One in person- personal training/small group training- This is for you:

1. If you are anywhere in Orange County. I can come to you or you can come to me!

2. If you need that certain someone cheering you on, or if you prefer yelling at you (army style) making sure you don't let up on the last rep... and pushes you beyond your limits.

3. If you have no clue where to start and just need that extra guidance.... then I'm here for YOU!

-Training Packages-

On-line personal training - $50/month

-A new workout routine including weight training/cardio/ functional/plyo training every month
-24/7 email contact with me
-Printable workout logs to monitor your progress
-Frequent motivational emails/video including tips and recipes
-Weekly online check ins!
-goal assessments
-nutrition counsel

You will be sending me your pictures and stats bi-weekly so I can assess your progress and what route to take. Very personalized routines will be sent to you! I'm YOUR trainer, not just a book, we will find out what works FOR YOU! Everyone is different.

Your progress depends on what I give you and what YOU decide to do with it. You can count on me fighting with you all along the way. You can DO THIS!

One-on-One personal training/small group training - $40/30 min. or $75/hr. (if you buy bulk sessions, the price will go down) Have a friend or 2 join you and the price goes down per person... AND you will have more accountability partners. SCORE all around!

OR for a flat rate of $500/month you can have unlimited one on one sessions!
(which you would get your money's worth in only 6.5 sessions!)

You will get all the above only I will see you in person and we will do a body/fitness assessment the first time we meet, and then bi-weekly from there. I want to see you, SEE yourself change!!

With one-on-one personal training I will travel to anywhere in Orange County or you can come to my training facility in Mission Viejo.

My goal is to see you happy and to see you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve! I believe in YOU! And I believe in a very personalized training program to help get you there. I'm the road-- and you are the runner that gets to the end of the road! We NEED each other.

If you are interested in any of my services please e-mail me at and we will get you started! I will be adding more as time goes on, but I limit how many people I am able to take on each month, because I REALLY do believe in personalization, so don't wait!

 Let's DO IT!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please don't stop the music

This is true for the most part-- but today I felt that I needed that EXTRA bit of strength to push me through my workout.

This is when I have to whip out one of my 3 (and 4 when I'm pregnant)back-up plans for motivation, when my workout/desire just isn't motivating enough. And sometimes this happens a little more often when I'm 7 months pregnant then when I'm not pregnant....

Here is what I do to get myself out of that "rut" when I'm already in the gym:

1. MUSIC- I have a handful of backup songs to get me through those last intense 5-10 min. in the gym. Sometimes I have to listen to these songs the whole 30 min. of cardio..... but I have them on back-up for when I REALLY need that push to keep going and NOT give up!

2. I imagine I'm running in a race, or lifting for a champion title, and if I quit now- I will not make it- and if I just do that one last rep, or that one last quarter mile- then I will have conquered the WORLD!!

3. When I was competing I would remind myself that there were other girls out there who were competing for the same title and working just as hard as I was, and if I quit and they didn't- then they would be that much further ahead of me and I wasn't about to let that happen!!

4. (when I'm in my 3rd trimester) I walk into that gym feeling empowered! Like, LOOK AT ME! Yeah- I'm preggers and proud and I'm still able to 10 push-ups and lift with the best of them (ok, not really) BUT I do feel proud that I'm still in there doing whatever I can. So, when I feel like ending my workout early when I'm ready to pop this kid out... I just think about how strong I am and that I can do this and I'm not going to let my pregnant body quit because "I just don't feel like it" Now- pain- yes, I would stop- but just because I lack the desire--- ain't NO way!:)

So, while YES- desire (along with work) gets us motivated and gets us there in the long haul.... we need a back up plan for when the desire just isn't there in that moment and to get it re-kick started.

What do you do when you feel like just giving up?? What are your secrets??
(this is where you ALL share your comments so that others can try your secrets;))

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What are you WAITING for??

How many times have you put something off just for the motivation to sink away, or for time to pass you by, or use COUNTLESS excuses as to why you can't do it now....

Here is mine- I was folding a pile of laundry when this post hit me. Normally I would wait until I was done folding the whole basket, and put the clothes in their proper places, and then checked around for anything else that I might need to do before posting. But as you can see with my lack of posts- that usually something else will distract me and by the time I get everything "done" and I have time to sit and write.... the idea is gone, it wasn't what it seemed, etc.... and I don't post!!

So, just now- I stopped folding in the middle of the basket, and came to sit here and write my pressing thoughts on why we wait to get what we want-- in this case better health, a better body, able to get out there and do things we didn't think we could do, pushing our limits, etc....

If you are anything like me you will start a "program" for a certain amount of time 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 30 days- and before you know it that time is up and you are like WHAT?! If I had actually started when I said I was and kept up with it, then I would be at the end of the time frame by now and reached a goal. Instead we let things distract us and take away our focus of what we want.

Then come the excuses of - "Oh, well now I'll wait til Monday." or "I'll wait til' the first of the month because it is like a new beginning. " or "Dang it! I screwed up today- looks like I'll just have to get back on track tomorrow. " all the while wasting precious time for that 6 weeks to keep marching on by- and pushing your goal date back further.

So, WHY WAIT?! Start now and expect to make mistakes and to eat something that isn't going to be the best thing for you- just don't eat ALL of it. And you can expect to miss a workout due to something- but don't let that one workout turn into 2,3,4 and so on-- because before you know it another month will have gone by and you will be in the SAME exact spot you were in when you "set your mind to do something."

Don't wait for the first of the week, month, year-- start now and if you mess up in the middle of the day- just recommit at that moment instead of going on a binge. Realize that it is OK to mess up! Consistency is KEY! Have more good days then bad and you will be on a roll!

Keep a calendar and mark the days that you have done good-- and then chart your progress the next month and have your goal be just to do better the next month. Keeping track of your goals and measuring your work- helps to keep you motivated and helps you to SEE that you are making a difference and pushing through is SO worth it.

So, if your only goal this month was to start eating "breakfast" as in my previous post. Then DO IT! Just make a goal and commit yourself to it... TODAY!! If you have always wanted to run that 5K... start training NOW! Start off slow- if you add 25 things to do everyday-- chances are you aren't going to get them done-- and then you will be discouraged and quit before you know it. Make manageable attainable goals-- and most importantly- DON'T WAIT!

Do it now-- and you will be that much closer to where you want to be!
(now I'm closer to having done more blog posts this week then I have done all last month)

....and now I'll be returning to folding my big basket of laundry.......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 fun new exercises to do WHILE pregnant or while not.....

Here is a new video post as promised! I haven't been able to do one since moving and I'm afraid picking a location in my apartment with good lighting was difficult, so you'll have to forgive the darkness- and I hope you can still see me! Also take into account I'm 7 months pregnant... so I may look awkward:) LOL!

I also messed up with the music- next time I'll probably just forgo the music, but I wanted to try it out and see what it was like. I hope you can at least hear me well enough to get the gist of the exercises. I'm doing the plank with a bear crawl back and forth and then a body weight exercise for your shoulders. You can do all of this in the safety and comfort of your own home!:) (you'll also want to pause the music on the right to make sure you can hear me)

Let me know what you think and as always


Work IT!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What IS the most important meal of the day??

(doesn't this oatmeal with strawberries and banana's look DELICIOUS?)

All the meals are important throughout the day--- but if you had to skip a meal... the one you DON'T want to skip is breakfast.
I was shocked at my husbands confession of how he is surprised at how much hungrier he is throughout the day when he eats breakfast in the morning. I was surprised that he didn't know the facts about breakfast. He knew it was an important meal... because we are told it is the most important meal of the day-- but WHY!? What makes it SO important?
I'm not a nutritionist- but I do know the basics from experience and from my own research.
When you eat breakfast in the morning your metabolism is jump started and is 20% higher throughout the day.
That is SO worth eating breakfast right there.
You have more energy and you WILL notice that you are just naturally more hungry throughout the day as well. Every time your body tells you that you are hungry (hunger pains, etc...) that is your metabolism telling you- I want to keep burning so feed ME!
The last thing you want to do is ignore what your body is telling you, because it will throw off your metabolism stride. Your metabolism wants to work FOR you, but it needs your help to keep it well fed.
But to give your metabolism that kick start- DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST!!
I don't care if all you have is an apple-- EAT SOMETHING-- and preferably something that isn't going to make you want to go right back to bed.
Eat just enough to stop the hunger pains and you are satisfied and I guarantee you- in 2-3 hours, your body will be ready for MORE-- which will keep that metabolism fired up.
So, if you have 1 goal this week in the diet arena- have it be eating a healthy, well balanced breakfast. Then we will take it from that point:)
Good luck and look for a brand new video post tomorrow!