Saturday, November 7, 2009

What are you WAITING for??

How many times have you put something off just for the motivation to sink away, or for time to pass you by, or use COUNTLESS excuses as to why you can't do it now....

Here is mine- I was folding a pile of laundry when this post hit me. Normally I would wait until I was done folding the whole basket, and put the clothes in their proper places, and then checked around for anything else that I might need to do before posting. But as you can see with my lack of posts- that usually something else will distract me and by the time I get everything "done" and I have time to sit and write.... the idea is gone, it wasn't what it seemed, etc.... and I don't post!!

So, just now- I stopped folding in the middle of the basket, and came to sit here and write my pressing thoughts on why we wait to get what we want-- in this case better health, a better body, able to get out there and do things we didn't think we could do, pushing our limits, etc....

If you are anything like me you will start a "program" for a certain amount of time 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 30 days- and before you know it that time is up and you are like WHAT?! If I had actually started when I said I was and kept up with it, then I would be at the end of the time frame by now and reached a goal. Instead we let things distract us and take away our focus of what we want.

Then come the excuses of - "Oh, well now I'll wait til Monday." or "I'll wait til' the first of the month because it is like a new beginning. " or "Dang it! I screwed up today- looks like I'll just have to get back on track tomorrow. " all the while wasting precious time for that 6 weeks to keep marching on by- and pushing your goal date back further.

So, WHY WAIT?! Start now and expect to make mistakes and to eat something that isn't going to be the best thing for you- just don't eat ALL of it. And you can expect to miss a workout due to something- but don't let that one workout turn into 2,3,4 and so on-- because before you know it another month will have gone by and you will be in the SAME exact spot you were in when you "set your mind to do something."

Don't wait for the first of the week, month, year-- start now and if you mess up in the middle of the day- just recommit at that moment instead of going on a binge. Realize that it is OK to mess up! Consistency is KEY! Have more good days then bad and you will be on a roll!

Keep a calendar and mark the days that you have done good-- and then chart your progress the next month and have your goal be just to do better the next month. Keeping track of your goals and measuring your work- helps to keep you motivated and helps you to SEE that you are making a difference and pushing through is SO worth it.

So, if your only goal this month was to start eating "breakfast" as in my previous post. Then DO IT! Just make a goal and commit yourself to it... TODAY!! If you have always wanted to run that 5K... start training NOW! Start off slow- if you add 25 things to do everyday-- chances are you aren't going to get them done-- and then you will be discouraged and quit before you know it. Make manageable attainable goals-- and most importantly- DON'T WAIT!

Do it now-- and you will be that much closer to where you want to be!
(now I'm closer to having done more blog posts this week then I have done all last month)

....and now I'll be returning to folding my big basket of laundry.......

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