Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What IS the most important meal of the day??

(doesn't this oatmeal with strawberries and banana's look DELICIOUS?)

All the meals are important throughout the day--- but if you had to skip a meal... the one you DON'T want to skip is breakfast.
I was shocked at my husbands confession of how he is surprised at how much hungrier he is throughout the day when he eats breakfast in the morning. I was surprised that he didn't know the facts about breakfast. He knew it was an important meal... because we are told it is the most important meal of the day-- but WHY!? What makes it SO important?
I'm not a nutritionist- but I do know the basics from experience and from my own research.
When you eat breakfast in the morning your metabolism is jump started and is 20% higher throughout the day.
That is SO worth eating breakfast right there.
You have more energy and you WILL notice that you are just naturally more hungry throughout the day as well. Every time your body tells you that you are hungry (hunger pains, etc...) that is your metabolism telling you- I want to keep burning so feed ME!
The last thing you want to do is ignore what your body is telling you, because it will throw off your metabolism stride. Your metabolism wants to work FOR you, but it needs your help to keep it well fed.
But to give your metabolism that kick start- DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST!!
I don't care if all you have is an apple-- EAT SOMETHING-- and preferably something that isn't going to make you want to go right back to bed.
Eat just enough to stop the hunger pains and you are satisfied and I guarantee you- in 2-3 hours, your body will be ready for MORE-- which will keep that metabolism fired up.
So, if you have 1 goal this week in the diet arena- have it be eating a healthy, well balanced breakfast. Then we will take it from that point:)
Good luck and look for a brand new video post tomorrow!

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