Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some local fitness information of interest!

The Sugar Land Lifetime Fitness gym (editor's note - we are members) is currently hiring an assistant in their personal training department. It's for assistant department head. Link takes you to the post:

Found that while searching through the results for personal training in Sugar Land. Funny how many irrelevant links there are if you're just looking for a trainer. Here's a sampling:

(This one's what I reference below)
(Trainer is a local, but is posted in a party planning site?)
(Pay $50 and voila! You're now a certified personal trainer! Hmmm....)
(A link to one Yahoo biz result in Sugar Land - of 10 or so listings, only 1 review...)

Who would ever go through all the effort of filling in forms for such an impersonal site? Look, if I'm going to shell out $$$ to get trained, I want to know who the trainers are up front, not give them all my details and hope the best professional in Sugar Land gets back to me. Am I right here, folks?

I'll be posting more info about the local fitness scene as it develops.

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