Monday, September 28, 2009

So what has been up with me?!?!

Pregnancy which usually = NO ENERGY!
(hence the lack of posts... but I'M BACK!)

I'm 25 weeks along and energy is something that I can't afford to NOT have. I'm sure many of you feel like that-- we are just running and running and even when we are empty-- we keep on going without filling the tank, and before you know it we are stranded on the side of the road, without a cell phone SCREAMING and wondering HOW this has happened-- and that it CAN'T be happening now!

Does that sound familiar at all?? Well, I go through highs and lows of energy and I understand you need to eat to keep your body going, that you need to rest to keep your body going, etc... but I never really, REALLY understood the physiology of it, until NOW!

I read an article in Experience Life about energy and about our bodies ultradian cycle.

I encourage you to go read the full article here. It is worth YOUR time!

What I found most helpful in this article was that we can only intensely focus on something for 90-120 min. and then your body needs a 20 min. rest period to "rebuild" ATP.
(do you remember having to do that in Bio? Convert ATP to ADP.. I think that is the only test I actually ever did good on... I didn't understand WHY they changed-- but I knew they did- and now I GET it.)

Then once your stores are filled back up, you are ready to refocus your energy for 90-120 min.

This makes me feel SO good! I was feeling guilty about taking naps, or sitting and reading a book when I have work to do or things that need to be taken care of-- but I just wasn't focused on doing them, therefore not doing MY best at them anyway.

Who wants to work out half drained because they are all out of ATP?

Not me! I like my workouts to kick butt!

So, go read the article here, and then take those little 10-20 min. breaks every 2 hours... and see if you end up needing that Redbull or cup of joe in the morning or mid afternoon.

There is more to it then just taking breaks- like eating to keep your body sustained and making the right choices. I promise it DOES make a difference!

I'm back and it feels good!

Look for more fun workouts along with modifications for any pregnant women out there... because we CAN workout too!

More daily tips and updates on how I'm handling fitness through pregnancy, so that I can compete again within 8 months to a year after the baby is born.

Along with launching my new personal training website to access my clients ANYWHERE and not just here.

We can do this, YOU can do this:)


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