Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Freaky Friday 100's Work Out

Today I want you to push yourself BEYOND your normal limits! I want you to believe enough in yourself to push through this Super Freaky Friday 100's Work Out. It is good to step outside the box, to realize what you REALLY can do. 

Take my 100's Challenge and TEAR IT UP!

All you will need for this workout is a deck of cards! So, go grab a deck and throw out the ones that are 6 and under. Which means you are keeping 7 - Ace. 

Now that you have your "personal trainer". Let's get ready to play THE GAME!

Each number represents an exercise and each suit represents the rep amount you will do for that exercise. 
7 - Dive Bombers
8 - Lunge to Knee Lift with a Jump (per leg)
9 -  Push-Ups
10 - Star Burpees
Jack - Good Mornings
Queen - Wacky Jacks
King - Front Squats with Hands on Shoulders
Ace - Clam Sit Ups

Now that you have your exercises set up- here are the rep amounts you will be doing per suit. 

Hearts = 40 reps
Diamonds = 30 reps
Clubs = 20 reps
Spades = 10 reps

Confused yet??

Shuffle your cards REALLY- I mean REALLY well-- because you never know what you are going to get with the cards, and there is NO cheating. Which means- if you pull out the 40 rep push up card, and then right after that the 30 rep one-- you have to do it! You can't move that card to the bottom of the pile. If you want an AMAZING body and workout- then there are no "Get out of Jail Free Cards"

After shuffling, you will pull the top card- if it is the Queen of Spades then that means you are doing 10 Wacky Jacks! 

Easy enough?! Now get started and your challenge is to time yourself and get through the WHOLE deck of cards. The next time you do it.. try to beat your time. 

How fast did you do it? Can you beat MY time??

AND CONGRATULATIONS- you now have completed:

100 Dive Bombers
100  Lunge to Knee Lift with a Jump (per leg)
100 Push-Ups
100  Star Burpees
100 Good Mornings
100 Wacky Jacks
100 Front Squats with Hands on Shoulders
100 Clam Sit Ups

How do YOU Feel??


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Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

That sounds awesome! Can't wait to try this one in the morning!