Monday, November 1, 2010

Make it a lifestyle change and INCLUDE your kids

Kids love to do whatever they see mom and dad doing. If they see you sitting on the couch watching tv, they are going to want to do that to. If they see you cooking in the kitchen- they are going to want to help out. If they see you exercising- they will follow suit and mimic your actions.

Most people fail at diets or exercise programs because they aren't making it a lifestyle change. It is easier for someone to make a lifestyle change when they have no one else to worry about.... aka.... family! :)

Once you have a family it's game over! Haha- just kidding- it just takes a little more creativity.

Kids LOVE to be active! It is in their nature- and our nature in case you were wondering.

They need exercise and running around the park or running outside is more then enough! But- sometimes throwing in a few staple exercises is always a good thing too.

Here is one of my kids favorite things to do after school or when I feel like they are being too wild in the house and need to outlet some energy:)

Next up- some healthy recipes from Joy Bauer's latest cookbook "Slim and Scrumptious"

On this weeks menu I will be testing with my kids:

Lemon Sage Chicken Breasts
Sesame Chicken Tenders
Turkey Tetrazzini
AJ's Mac n Cheezy
Cinnaomon-Sugar Almonds
Frozen Hot Chocolate (Serendipity style minus the fat!)

I will be making a video of each adventure and give it to my kids to pass the test!

Get ready for some YUMMY Slim and Scrumptious meals!!:)

ps- who wants me to do a give away of this wonderful cookbook?? :)


Mrs. B said...

Those recipes sound great! Can't wait to hear how they turn out!

Christie said...

I think Ethan would rather pick his nose than exercise! That video was hilarious except for the part when Dante slapped Ethan out of nowhere. I started crying!