Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Burn It With The Bertinator

Hello everyone!!

  I'm SO over the top excited to announce that "Burn It With The Bertinator" is finally here!! YEAH!! So excited! I will be uploading videos to my youtube channel every Monday, Wed, and Friday at noon PST. In each video I am doing the WHOLE workout with you!! Which means- you get to see a side of me.. that NO one sees;) The workouts will be anywhere from 15-30 min. long, with 5 min. challenges thrown at you every once in a while! I promise you I will keep the workouts fun, exciting, new, entertaining, challenging AND that you will SEE results-- if you promise to stay consistent and workout WITH me, and eat healthy! It looks like a WIN-WIN to me. If you take note- I have updated some tabs on my blog. I'm still filling some in- but in the mean time I will keep adding Episodes of Burn It With The Bertinator, everytime I upload one. You won't want to miss one- and if you do, there will always be a safe place for you to return and do them over, and over, AND over again;) Yes, you may love it just that much. With each video- there will also be a printable PDF for you to take to the gym, and follow along with, or just print it out for your records to pull when you need a quick workout.

 I hope you enjoy- and I will see you soon, Burnin it UP!!


Christie said...

You updated your blog!!!

Kayla said...

I just started your 60 day challenge today. I have a long way to go, but I'm excited for healthy results!

Bertie said...

Yeah!! So excited for you Kayla! You'll do GREAT!:)