Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Work Out Game!

Valentine’s Day Work Out

5 Minute Couple’s GAME!!!

Do each exercise for JUST 1 minute... and whoever does the most reps.... WINS the prize (or just goes first in the prize getting)!
                               LOVERS                           FRIENDS                              
1. Burpees  =         back rubs                          basket of goodies (that is what the workout is for;))                  
2. Push ups =         presents                            presents                                                                          
3. Front Squats =    foot massage                     fun game of putt putt         
4. “K”runches =        KISSES ( real;)                chocolate
5.  Dips  =                 dozen roses                    dozen tuplips (for spring)

 How’d you fair?;)

The Bertinator

1 comment:

Christie said...

Cute game! Too bad Derek is out of town, but it's probably lucky for him too because you know I would beat his Hiney at all five of those exercises!