Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burn MAXIMUM calories with this HIIT sprint workout!

If you are stuck in a rut-- and are tired of the same old training or cardio routine- or have hit a plateau then this video is for YOU!

This is a HIIT or high intensity interval training video with a fun sprint workout. HIIT is when you go back and forth at a 1:2 ratio between going full force and then recovering at a slower pace. For instance- in this video- I sprint for 20 seconds and recover by walking around for 40. Then I do it all over again:)

Now- this was another location test video at the cheer gym I teach boot camp. There were quite a few people in the back ground still talking- so sorry if you can't hear me- and I think next time I'll have to make it a little more "professional".

HIIT Sprint Mania Blueprint:
1. Get some heavy weights ranging from low to high-- at least 3 weights, you can do more to increase the intensity. If you don't have weights- just grab things that are heavy from your house- rocks, book ends, a globe, bricks, tires, use your imagination:)
2. Set markers 25 feet or more apart. The longer you have to sprint the more intense it will be!! (SO DO IT!)
3. Put the weights at one end- and you start at the opposite end of the weights.
4. Run towards the weights as FAST as you can-- pick up the lightest one and run back to start and put it down, continue this pattern til' all objects or weights are on the same side.
5. Recover for 40 sec. to a minute.
6. Repeat 10-15 times and you will be GOLDEN!
ps- I want you to run SO fast on the sprints that you can't even TALK to me by the end of each set:)
And remember- Always warm-up for 5 or so minutes and always cool down for 5 or so minutes and STRETCH afterwards!!
Now- go ENJOY every fun moment of this HIIT workout and just think how many calories you will be burning-- the fat will MELT off of you:)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Can YOU crawl under a barbed wire fence?

I love getting requests for different exercises you want to see, or want me to work out for you!

This is one requested by Amy Lawson, who wanted some more core and upperbody exercises-- and this is JUST the beginning.

Don't ever be intimidated by something you see here and think you can't do it-- you CAN and you can work up to the number of reps given. If you need modifications for any of these exercises let me know and I can give you some.

You can do the barbed wire on your knees if need be- but I say do as many as you can on your hands and feet first.

Blue print: (3 sets)

1. barbed wire crawls: 15

2. mountain climbers 1 min.

3. squat push-ups: 15

4. squat thrusts: 1 min.

Happy HAPPY training:)

and if you have a request- leave a comment and I will dedicate a video to YOU!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let's work your ABS!

This video was too funny not to post-- it also helps remind you, that YES we would all LOVE to have the perfect body- but that- is it REALLY the end of the world if we don't have six pack abs?

So, now that we have worked your abs a little with laughter- don't forget that even while you are on the road to getting the body you want... you can still ENJOY life! And YES- you can also enjoy that little treat here and there!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Quadruple Quad Threat!!

Are you ready to have your quads literally on FIRE?? Put these 4 exercises together, one right after the other, and your legs will be burning!
(pause my playlist on the right towards the bottom of my page to watch video)

the burn baby, FEEL THE BURN!

Quadruple Quad Threat blueprint:

1. standing reverse squat (20 reps)
2. jump squats (10-20 reps)
3. down-down-up-up (10 reps ea. leg)
4. star jumps (10-20 reps)


Happy Leg Day!:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Personal training-isms.....

If you read this blog then I'm almost 100% sure you have either done a workout video, been to a class at the gym, or have even had your very own personal trainer. We are a fun bunch of folks, don't you think?! I love how everyone seems to have their own style of teaching or my personal favorite personal trainer-isms! If you notice- most instructors or trainers will say the same thing over and OVER again- whether it is a cheer of enthusiasm- YOU CAN DO IT! Or every time they do a certain move they will make a whoop- whoop sound, or even maybe right before they are about to show you a move- they are like, "Alright- check it out" Sometimes it is a face- and the funny thing is, it is so commonplace for them and habitual- they don't even know they are saying it or doing it over and OVER again-- and I LOVE IT!

I want to know what YOUR favorite personal trainer-ism is! I don't think I have one-- but then again- apparently we are not in the "know". And you will soon be able to tell me if I do or not BECAUSE starting Friday- I will be doing video posts again!! My new HD video camera is due to arrive sometime Friday- and I will test it out with a new plyo sequence just for ya'll!

Let's hear a YIP! You won't want to miss it-- it is a killer leg sequence- I mean KILLER!!:)

Until then- tell me your favorite personal trainer-isms, and maybe I'll slip some in for you - so that you will feel special- and like a secret shout out to you in my videos-- try some of these out! :) Wouldn't that be fun?! TOTALLY FUN!~

Keep rockin' your workouts!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

the DEVIL!!!

I always tell ALL my clients that the scale is the devil- and the only thing it is good for is weighing your food-- but not YOU!

Here is a perfect example as to WHY I hate the scale-- I mean- HATE it. Lots of people think hate is too strong of a word-- but in this case I think it goes along perfectly! Or you can try any number of these words and they will do about the same:) Abhor, detest, loathe, resent, (you get the picture) The scale is a TERRIBLE measurement against fat loss.

As we all know- I had a baby 12 weeks ago now... and I did take measurements and I did get on the scale-- but I have not retaken my measurements til' NOW!

So- here are my measurements from 2 weeks after baby was born and measurements that I actually took 1 week ago.

(Jan. 12, 2010)....................................(Mar. 15, 2010)
weight: 157............................................159!!!!
neck: 12.5 in............................................12.5 in.
wrist: 6.5 in..............................................6 1/4 in.
hips: 42 in.................................................41 in.
waist (smallest point): 30 in......................28 1/2 in.
belly button: 32 in.......................................30 1/2 in.
bust: 36.5 in. ...............................................35 in.
calves: 15.5 in.................................................15 in.
biceps: 12 in....................................................11 3/4 in.
thighs: 21.5 in..................................................22 in.

So- I would be devastated if I was just going against what the scale said- because if you take notice-- I went up 2 pounds on the scale- but all my measurements went down?! If I wasn't also tracking my measurements- then from my scale reading- I would have automatically said, "forget this!" If I'm gonna gain weight eating and exercising- then I might as well do it the right way-- and pigged out-- and wallowed in self-pity for a day or two. This is why we throw ourselves backwards instead of forwards--- and this is WHY we need to measure our progress and monitor your fat loss- not "weight" loss.

Here is why:

Yes- this picture is totally sick- and literally makes me want to throw up looking at it- because of that big glob of fat..... but it is important to point out, that no- technically muscle doesn't weigh more then fat- because a pound is a pound--- BUT- it takes up WAY less space! This is why going by measurements or how your clothes feel or body fat percentage is WAY more accurate and better for your self esteem then going by the stupid scale! (did I mention I really don't like scales?)

So, if you haven't done so already- TAKE your measurements and then every other week or once a month- CHECK to see how you are losing:) I guarantee you, you will be happy to be free of the "devil" and you will be happy with the end result!

Good luck and HAPPY training!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting SERIOUS!

(before I start- real quick- those of you who are still waiting on your "free" month programs- they ARE coming! Each of your individual programs are close to being done! Thanks for your patience:))


Whooo! It has been a while- and more importantly it has been a while since I've posted "after baby" pics! So- I think it is about time for me to restart getting back to my pre-pregnancy body!

I took some pics of me 2 weeks after Ms. Molly was born, and I wasn't sure I wanted to sport a swimsuit JUST yet.... but in a swimsuit-- I have NOTHING to hide- and can tell the actual progress I am making vs. having to guess, because too much is covered up. SO- without further ado-- I'm re posting "after baby" pics.... IN a bikini- so I can keep track better.

I'm not going to lie-- as evidence of my "non-progress", for the last 8 weeks- I haven't been on my best behavior. I know I said that I am taking things "slow" because I am nursing and I don't want to jeopardize that by dieting too much. However, I have been eating out too much, eating more then my fair share of desserts-- and I need to at least "control" that better. Working out has been pretty good-- and I hope to keep better track of what I do on a weekly basis. I will add my measurements to this post tomorrow morning... because I like to weigh/measure first thing in the morning for sanity's sake. Haha.

And without keeping ya'll in suspense-- here are my first "real before" pictures. I will begin updating again on the 1st and 15th of every month. Taking these pictures KEEP me on my game-- and knowing ya'll are watching me-- makes it even better:) So, THANK YOU!!

11 weeks postpartum!
(click on image to enlarge)

Now- I'm getting back to business as usual!