Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short TERM goals

How AWESOME is this quote?? Now instead of the word "job" replace it with the word exercise or goal or just one more rep!! You don't have to do 10 push-ups in a row to FINALLY check off a goal-- if you have never done one before -- and you finally CAN... then that is a HUGE milestone. Health and fitness is taking baby steps and before you know it you will be toughing it out with the best of them, one push-up at a time!

So - today I'm sharing with you my short term goals... because if you don't have short term goals- you will NEVER get to your long term goals. Your short term goals are the stepping stones on your way to your long-term goals.

I'm still getting back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level. It is funny- I think I can pop out a kid and then get back to doing exactly what I was doing before... and it is a rude awakening when I can only do 10 push-ups before getting out of breath or only being able to sprint at half the speed before.... etc.... So, my long term goal is to get back to exactly where I was and keep growing from there.... and to get there:

1. I'm beginning the 100 push-ups challenge again, because there is just something about hitting that 100 that makes you feel like you are on TOP of the world.

2. This same guy has a 200 squat challenge- and since I LOVE squats and lunges, I'm going to go for that too. (he is coming out with a 25 pull-up challenge as well- and I'll be on board that one whenever it comes out)

3. I will also be doing 2 days of HIIT training and 3 days of steady state-- and then alternating it week from week.

I will stick with these 3 goals for now, as when I feel like I have too many goals on my plate- then I end up giving up too quickly and then none of them get accomplished until I decide to start over.

Since I'm still nursing Molly and realistically know that "inches" won't be dropping off-- then I'm going to focus more on my gains in fitness. I will still record my weight, stats and update progress pictures on the 1st and 15th of every month.... but do know the progress will be rather slow until I stop nursing.

Now it is your turn.... take out a piece of paper or even better, START a progress blog and write down your short term goals and share them with me! It is always fun to watch and see what other people are accomplishing and to cheer them on.

Keep workin' it!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 weeks AFTER baby and we are OFF!!

So--- here we go again!! One thing I love about having babies is it brings a new challenge to get back into shape after each one-- and there is nothing like a good challenge to motivate you to conquer your goals:)

To give anyone just now joining the short story...... here is where I started 5 years ago- when my 3rd was just 15 months old. I competed in Ms. Fitness Delta and took the crown and competed in Ms. Fitness Texas and took 3rd... and then had the "post competition blues" and put on close to 30 pounds because I was a little food happy after a pretty strict diet......

I lost close about 15 pounds on my own with intuitive eating..... and then decided to train for another fitness competition, this time remembering that I can't just go hog wild after I'm done competing! That is why I started this blog... to help keep me motivated and anyone else who needed that little extra something to help push them that much further towards what they want our of their fitness goals. This is the progress I made within the first month..................

(April 4, 2009).....(April 15, 2009).......(May 1, 2009)
weight: 154............... 150.........................147.5
neck: 12 1/2 in........ 12 1/2 in....................12.5 in.
wrist: 6 1/2 in. ......... 6 1/2 in....................6 1/2 in.
hips: 41 in. ................40.75 in..................40.5 in.
waist: 27 1/2 in. ....... 27 in.........................26.5 in.
belly button: 29 1/2 in. .......29 1/4 in............28 3/4 in.
bust: 33 in. ......... 33 in...........................33 in. (I'm not losing in my boobs because there is already nothing there:)
calves: 15 1/2 in. ...........15 1/4 in...............15 1/4 in.
biceps: 12 in. ..............11 3/4 in...................11.5 in.
thighs: 22 in. ........... 21 1/2 in......................21 in.

Then I got pregnant.... and nine months later I'm ready to get back on track.... with slight modifications. This is me 2 weeks after having Molly Mae. My measurements are under the pictures.... I luckily only gained about 27 pounds this time around... where I usually gain about 50!! So, I was proud of myself for that alone:)
I've got about 10 pounds to lose- but weight doesn't mean much to me if my measurements are all out of whack... so I prefer to go by measurements and bodyfat. And I have quite a few extra inches around my waist that I didn't have before!

(Jan. 12, 2010)
weight: 157
neck: 12.5 in
wrist: 6.5 in
hips: 42 in.
waist (smallest point): 30 in.
belly button: 32 in.
bust: 36.5 in. (whoo-hoo! I love my nursing boobs) lol!
calves: 15.5 in.
biceps: 12 in.
thighs: 21.5 in.

I will be back with another post tomorrow with my goals and time frames. Keep in mind I'm breastfeeding- and with Ethan I started dieting right away- and lost my milk after 3 months. This time I won't let that happen- so my diet will be healthy and well balanced and lots and LOTS of water........... and my exercise for the next little bit will be progressing back up to where I was and what I was doing before the baby came. Since I am breastfeeding- my progress will come slower then if I wasn't, due to my body really wanting to hold onto that extra fat til' I'm done. I'm keeping THAT in mind, so I'm not disappointed if I'm not right back to where I started asap.

Here goes nothing!:)

What are YOUR fitness goals for this year???

ps- if you didn't subscribe to my daily motivational e-mail..... then your inspiration today is Rocky's training program in my sidebar with music! Watch it and see if it doesn't make you want to go HARD next time you are working out!! And if you want to subcribe to my motivational e-mails, send me an e-mail to and put the subject subscribe!

Friday, January 8, 2010

What does the New Year bring??

Lots and LOTS of


But how long does it last?? Did you know that by April 90% of the "resolution" gym goers no longer go to the gym. One of my all time favorite quotes is:

"Some people say motivation doesn't stick. Well either does a shower-that's why we advise you to take one everyday." ---Zig Ziglar

What motivates you? Do you have a daily source of inspiration? When the New Years resolution mania wears off--- what keeps YOU going?? What keeps ME going is having other people hold me accountable. Letting other people know my goals and then surrounding myself with positive people who care and want ME to succeed!

That is why tomorrow I will be posting "after baby" pics- and starting back up where I left off with my road back to fitness. I will post more details tomorrow about my goals and other fun info.

But for now- I want you to think about what keeps you going when the "initial motivation" starts to wear off?

I'm also going to start a daily motivational e-mail. If you would like to receive this e-mail to help give you that daily jump start, please e-mail me at 0r you can leave your e-mail address as a comment.

This is going to be a FANTASTIC year-- and I'm excited to restart my journey and to share it with you. And I'd love for YOU to share your journey with me!!

I'd say that this little sweetheart was worth me being sidetracked for the past 9 months:)

Remember- find what MOTIVATES you-- and refresh yourself DAILY.....