Thursday, April 8, 2010

NO excuse exercising!!

I'm going to start a weekly segment on my blog - with the theme of NO excuse exercising- everyone thinks they have a legitimate "excuse" as to why they can't find time to exercise. Well- guess WHAT?! I will find you the time- and I want you to try to give me an excuse that I can be like, "oh- yeah! You totally can't exercise!" I guarantee I will be able to bat that excuse out of the ball park- and you WILL get your workouts in. Seriously- TRY ME!:)
Now- I NEVER ask my clients to do anything that I wouldn't do myself... so- here is a video with me making a COMPLETE fool of myself in public.

Now it is your turn! Squat to it:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Super set for Sexy Shoulders

Who doesn't want some nice shapely shoulders for those cute tops and swim suits that you will be dawning all summer long?? I love to super set my shoulder exercises because not only do you get your heart rate up, you also really burn those muscles out to create those perfect shoulders. Here is one of my FAVORITE super set of all time.

Super Sexy Shoulders blueprint:
1. surrenders - 10 each leg, arms up the whole time
2. power climbers - 1 min.
sets: 3
Tips: 1. Always use a weight challenging enough to really push yourself and that become difficult by the last 2 reps- almost to where you want to quit.
2. Never lock your arms out, keep a slight bend in the elbows.
Super set= doing 2 exercises back to back without any break in between.
AND remember-- you get out of a workout whatever you put INTO the workout! So, don't short change yourself by only putting in 50%-- give it your ALL- and believe me- it will be over quicker then you think AND you will feel SO much better afterwards then you did before:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boot Camps!

I'm not gonna lie- when I first heard all of this huplah about bootcamps and how they are all the rage- I was like-- WHATEVER! They are expensive- they are only 4 weeks long and after that unless the person keeps exercising they will gain everything back, etc.... However-- I have to eat my own words-- because bootcamp is AWESOME! So many benefits-- you are in a small group setting- most bootcamps will top out at 20 bootcampers so that they can really focus on each person as an individual. You are getting a personal trainer each session for half the cost! You get to meet other people who have the same goals as you-- it motivates you to go because you have not only paid for it- but someone will kick your butt for you AND the time is set everyday.

Did you know Americans waste more than $15billion a year on unused gym memberships. Recent studies estimate that of the roughly 40 million Americans who pay 4 the gym each year, nearly 80% don't go-with an average cost of $480 per year, that's an awful lot of dough 4 absolutely nothin!

So- if you are one of those peeps who EVERY YEAR get a new gym membership and think you will go- but then never find the time because something always comes up- I say invest in a bootcamp! You will love it, have fun, and most of all get in shape fast! Plus- you don't have to just do 1 4 week session- you can do them over and over-- they will have something new for you everytime!

It is also a lot cheaper-- if you get a gym membership and don't go then you are wasting money- if you get a gym membership but have no clue what to do and you just go walk on the treadmill or play around with the weights, then you aren't really getting your moneys worth anyway-- so GO to bootcamp- and you will not only get your moneys worth, but you will also save a ton- instead of hiring a personal trainer who can cost anywhere between 40-80 dollars an hour- you will have one for 4 weeks for less!

So- if you are bored and not working out and are unsure of what to do- try out a bootcamp and you may just find you like it... NO- LOVE IT!!