Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Cents Tuesday with The Bertinator - THE SCALE!

Welcome to the newest segment of my show! I am starting Two Cents Tuesday's- where I give you my two cents on a subject I am most frequently asked about, or just whatever I feel like needs to be addressed. You can take it with a grain of salt, or you can be a die hard and take my "two cents". Either way- I will try to make them entertaining! This week I give my two cents about THE SCALE! To find out what I think, watch below:

What do you think about the scale? Do you agree or not? ALL "two cents" are welcome.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feel Foxy!!

 I am VERY happy to announce my new role over at Feel Foxy as their new celebrity fitness expert! I will be bringing you tips and tricks to help you Feel Foxier then EVER!! For a 5 Minute Bertinator Booty Blast - go on over here, and get'er done!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Work Out Game!

Valentine’s Day Work Out

5 Minute Couple’s GAME!!!

Do each exercise for JUST 1 minute... and whoever does the most reps.... WINS the prize (or just goes first in the prize getting)!
                               LOVERS                           FRIENDS                              
1. Burpees  =         back rubs                          basket of goodies (that is what the workout is for;))                  
2. Push ups =         presents                            presents                                                                          
3. Front Squats =    foot massage                     fun game of putt putt         
4. “K”runches =        KISSES ( real;)                chocolate
5.  Dips  =                 dozen roses                    dozen tuplips (for spring)

 How’d you fair?;)

The Bertinator

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Burn It With The Bertinator

Hello everyone!!

  I'm SO over the top excited to announce that "Burn It With The Bertinator" is finally here!! YEAH!! So excited! I will be uploading videos to my youtube channel every Monday, Wed, and Friday at noon PST. In each video I am doing the WHOLE workout with you!! Which means- you get to see a side of me.. that NO one sees;) The workouts will be anywhere from 15-30 min. long, with 5 min. challenges thrown at you every once in a while! I promise you I will keep the workouts fun, exciting, new, entertaining, challenging AND that you will SEE results-- if you promise to stay consistent and workout WITH me, and eat healthy! It looks like a WIN-WIN to me. If you take note- I have updated some tabs on my blog. I'm still filling some in- but in the mean time I will keep adding Episodes of Burn It With The Bertinator, everytime I upload one. You won't want to miss one- and if you do, there will always be a safe place for you to return and do them over, and over, AND over again;) Yes, you may love it just that much. With each video- there will also be a printable PDF for you to take to the gym, and follow along with, or just print it out for your records to pull when you need a quick workout.

 I hope you enjoy- and I will see you soon, Burnin it UP!!