60 Day Challenge

Burn It With The Bertinator
60 Day Challenge

5 Challenge Prize Winners: $100 Gift Card to Spa of choice!

1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: All expense paid trip to Southern California for
a weekend with The Bertinator, and a spot in my Burn It With The Bertinator DVD or web series!

Do you think you have what it takes to join the “Burn It With The Bertinator” 60 Day Challenge??


60 Day Challenge Includes:
-Free Burn It With The Bertinator workouts with a printable calendar sheet to keep you on track.
- Private Facebook group with unlimited support from The Bertinator and other group members to keep you motivated and on track.
- 4 bi-weekly group LIVE facebook/twitter chats with The Bertinator to check in, get/stay motivated and to ask any questions you might have.
- Basic meal planning guide: Gives you an idea of what foods to be choosing and healthy
portion sizes to fuel your goals and see results. This is not a diet or nutritional plan specific to your needs. Instead, this is a general guide to help you learn about food and portion sizes.

Burn It With The Bertinator 60 Day Challenge Rules:

- Registration $30. This fee will be waived if you can get 10 of your friends to like The Bertinator page on Facebook, OR if 3 of your friends join The 60 Day Challenge.

- Before and After photos sent in the week of the starting date of The 60 Day Challenge with a sign that says, “I’m gonna Burn It With The Bertinator” and an after photo on the last day of the 60 Day Challenge, with a sign that says, “I Survived The Bertinator”

- Photo needs to be in tight-fitting workout type clothes or swimsuit so we can see the transformation. I will have a small group vote on the finalists to choose each winner of The 60 Day Challenge session. And then the Grand Prize winner will be chosen by The Bertinator, and will be judged on transformation, dedication, and persistence.

There will be 4- 60 Day Challenge sessions and 1- 30 Day Challenge
March 12 - May 10
May 21- July 20
July 30 - September 27
October 1 - November 29
December 2 - December 31

There will be 1 winner from each 60 Day Challenge and 1 from the 30 Day Challenge. Out of all 5 of those winners, there will be a GRAND prize winner!

Each winner will receive a $100 gift card to a spa of choice in their area, along with a special feature on www.bertinator.com.

The Grand Prize winner will get an all expense paid trip to Southern California to spend a
weekend with The Bertinator, and earn a spot in the “Burn It With The Bertinator” DVD or web series.

You can click on the Paypal link below before the starting date of the 60 Day Challenge, to be included in the challenge. For additional payment information or any other questions please send an e-mail to bertie@thebertinator.com

Are YOU ready to take on The 60 Day Challenge and Burn It With The Bertinator??


Cranberryfries said...

I totally want to be holding a sign that says 'I Survived The Bertinator' :)

The Coburns said...

Where do I sign up? So excited Bertie!!!

Kira said...

Where do we sign up? Sounds great Bertie! I think I have three friends to do it. Well maybe two so far.

John McCarthy said...

I am interested and I have a friend that may want to do it too. Sounds like fun I have never done this before.

Jill Hunt said...

So exciting! I always love your challenges!

Cheri said...


Amy Lawson said...

I want to do it! I'm gonna get 10 of my friends to like you on facebook so I can get a free entry!

Anonymous said...

Bertie, I emailed you! Can't wait!