Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you love PUSH UPS or is it just me?

Have you ever wondered WHY the marines do SO many push-ups?? I mean- really?! What are they good for?

Well- let me tell you what they are good for, and if you don't believe me- I want you to start adding them into your every other DAILY routine (workout or not)- and then you ask me "What are they good for?"

1. The obvious- to strengthen and condition your chest muscles.

2. They help tone your arms too-- bring your arms in close to your body, and you hit more of the triceps. Who doesn't want to kiss their "saving" arms goodbye?

3. My personal favorite-- they work your COMPLETE core. Say goodbye to those pesky crunches, that you feel like you have to do 50+ to feel a really good burn anyways- and switch them out for push-ups. When you are doing a boy push-up, you are having to keep your body in a straight, plank position. Your whole core- including your back stabilizer muscles are working. People ask me ALL the time, how did I get to have such a flat stomach after 4 kids. I reply with PURE JOY -- Boy Push-Ups!!

 Was I ever skeptical of that? Yes I was. In fact- what really got me over the "Why are boy push-ups so good for you" question was when I decided to join the 100 Push-Ups Challenge.  Within the first week- I started to notice muscles that were sore- that I had NO idea the push-ups worked. Mainly my abs! I wasn't even really noticing the soreness in my chest as much as my core. I also felt it in my inner thighs, as you have to squeeze your legs together. That is when I became a #1 fan of push-ups!

 Can't do a boy push-up? Check out my video here on how to work up to them. Trust me-- it WORKS!!
For those of you who can already do boy push-ups. I challenge you to the 100 push-up Challenge. 

Get your abs  poppin with the push-up! Let me know how you do.
What are you waiting for... time is a tickin'.

The Bertinator

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