Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treadmill = Dreadmill?! I don't THINK so!

There is a saying, "Change your way of thinking, and it will change your life!" Well that is true for the "dreaded" Treadmill.

Yes, it is true. If you go 5.5 on 0 incline, for 45 minutes, then I agree 100% - NOT the funnest ride of your life. That is for sure.

However- WHY would you do that to yourself when that machine goes up and down-- fast or slow--- and you get to choose when it does what. It listens to YOU!!

Here is my latest kick butt treadmill work out! Give it a try... and you will be calling that "dreadmill" the "shredmill" in NO time.

jog 5 min. 2% incline (I never have the treadmill on 0.... EVER... you burn more calories going up)

Main workout: 
jog 3% incline 5 min.
(hop off)
dumbell staggered squat kicks (20 reps per leg)
walk as fast as you can 8% incline 4 min (squeeze those GLUTES with every step and no holding onto handles)
(hop off)
squat blast punch with weights - 30 reps (squat then punch arms straight out, shoulder height, alternating then stand = 1)
walk as fast as you can 10% incline 3 min.
20 star jumps
walk as fast as you can 8 % incline 4 min.
squat blast punch with weights - 30 reps
jog 3% incline 5 min.
dumbell staggered squat kick (20 reps per leg)
jog 2% incline 5 min - cool down

Sidenote: You are more then welcome to sprint on the inclines for 30 sec. on 30 sec. off vs. walking as fast as you can. I prefer to walk, because then I can really engage my glutes-- where I want to really feel the burn. But you must NOT hold onto those handles bars...

All I have to say is How do you like me now?!

The Bertinator

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