Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guarantee yourself a STELLAR Monday!

Want to head into the week with excitement and pure enthusiasm? Try these tips I use every Sunday.

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. It is the one day I give myself time to relax, reflect, and completely rejuvenate so that I can have the best upcoming week possible.

It is important you take time out to reconnect with yourself. To reassess your goals, put your life into perspective, and to appreciate the small joys you have in the PRESENT

One of the best gifts we have been given, is to be able to choose our path in life. We get to choose to GROW! To continue to be a better YOU. Always striving to be the best YOU can be. There is NO such thing as standing still..... if you aren't growing, then you are slowly deteriorating.

So, let's use TODAY (Sunday, or whatever day works best for you) to put into practice the Triple R Threat.

1. Relax.

Enjoy the day. Let yourself skip the usual day to day work load, and just enjoy time with family, nature, friends, a good book, meditation, a nice afternoon snooze. You name it- if it is relaxing do it. But let yourself really enjoy it. Don't have things going on in the back of your mind. Be in the NOW and enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

2. Reflect.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate last week? What went right, what went wrong? How can you make this upcoming week better? These questions can be asked about how you did as a parent/spouse, how you did working towards your goals (health, fitness, growing a business, planting a garden, learning a new subject), how you did at work, etc.... Then reset your short term goals for the upcoming week, and get them done. If you had to put the same goal from the previous week-- what got in your way from being able to get it done, have you put something in place so it won't happen again, and you will reach that goal? If not- is it really that important? Why waste your precious time on non-important things?

3. Rejuvenate.

Most weeks start off pretty okay for most people. They have had the weekend to not do the everyday work stuff, and they are ready to re-attack come Monday. As the week goes on- everyday gets a little harder and you are just looking for Friday to show up, so that you can shout WEEKEND!! Sound familiar?? Well, that is when the last R "rejuvenation" comes into play. You have relaxed, you have reflected back on your previous week and you have decided what you will do this upcoming week. Now- write it ALL down. If you go into the week with a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of exactly it is you want to accomplish, you will be completely rejuvenated. Your mind will be clear and refreshed. It is when you head into the week and you are not sure what you want to do, or you feel like you are stuck in a rut- that you start to think negative thoughts and that wheel just keeps on churning, and you feel like your weekend was wasted. Stop wishing for a better life, and GET one.  The last part of rejuvenation is to look around you, and find the small things you are grateful for- the things are you grateful for RIGHT now!

Now that I have given you the Triple "R" Threat-- go guarantee yourself that STELLAR Monday!

Always be moving forward and up!

The Bertinator

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