Monday, March 29, 2010

Can YOU crawl under a barbed wire fence?

I love getting requests for different exercises you want to see, or want me to work out for you!

This is one requested by Amy Lawson, who wanted some more core and upperbody exercises-- and this is JUST the beginning.

Don't ever be intimidated by something you see here and think you can't do it-- you CAN and you can work up to the number of reps given. If you need modifications for any of these exercises let me know and I can give you some.

You can do the barbed wire on your knees if need be- but I say do as many as you can on your hands and feet first.

Blue print: (3 sets)

1. barbed wire crawls: 15

2. mountain climbers 1 min.

3. squat push-ups: 15

4. squat thrusts: 1 min.

Happy HAPPY training:)

and if you have a request- leave a comment and I will dedicate a video to YOU!

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