Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burn MAXIMUM calories with this HIIT sprint workout!

If you are stuck in a rut-- and are tired of the same old training or cardio routine- or have hit a plateau then this video is for YOU!

This is a HIIT or high intensity interval training video with a fun sprint workout. HIIT is when you go back and forth at a 1:2 ratio between going full force and then recovering at a slower pace. For instance- in this video- I sprint for 20 seconds and recover by walking around for 40. Then I do it all over again:)

Now- this was another location test video at the cheer gym I teach boot camp. There were quite a few people in the back ground still talking- so sorry if you can't hear me- and I think next time I'll have to make it a little more "professional".

HIIT Sprint Mania Blueprint:
1. Get some heavy weights ranging from low to high-- at least 3 weights, you can do more to increase the intensity. If you don't have weights- just grab things that are heavy from your house- rocks, book ends, a globe, bricks, tires, use your imagination:)
2. Set markers 25 feet or more apart. The longer you have to sprint the more intense it will be!! (SO DO IT!)
3. Put the weights at one end- and you start at the opposite end of the weights.
4. Run towards the weights as FAST as you can-- pick up the lightest one and run back to start and put it down, continue this pattern til' all objects or weights are on the same side.
5. Recover for 40 sec. to a minute.
6. Repeat 10-15 times and you will be GOLDEN!
ps- I want you to run SO fast on the sprints that you can't even TALK to me by the end of each set:)
And remember- Always warm-up for 5 or so minutes and always cool down for 5 or so minutes and STRETCH afterwards!!
Now- go ENJOY every fun moment of this HIIT workout and just think how many calories you will be burning-- the fat will MELT off of you:)

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