Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Personal training-isms.....

If you read this blog then I'm almost 100% sure you have either done a workout video, been to a class at the gym, or have even had your very own personal trainer. We are a fun bunch of folks, don't you think?! I love how everyone seems to have their own style of teaching or my personal favorite personal trainer-isms! If you notice- most instructors or trainers will say the same thing over and OVER again- whether it is a cheer of enthusiasm- YOU CAN DO IT! Or every time they do a certain move they will make a whoop- whoop sound, or even maybe right before they are about to show you a move- they are like, "Alright- check it out" Sometimes it is a face- and the funny thing is, it is so commonplace for them and habitual- they don't even know they are saying it or doing it over and OVER again-- and I LOVE IT!

I want to know what YOUR favorite personal trainer-ism is! I don't think I have one-- but then again- apparently we are not in the "know". And you will soon be able to tell me if I do or not BECAUSE starting Friday- I will be doing video posts again!! My new HD video camera is due to arrive sometime Friday- and I will test it out with a new plyo sequence just for ya'll!

Let's hear a YIP! You won't want to miss it-- it is a killer leg sequence- I mean KILLER!!:)

Until then- tell me your favorite personal trainer-isms, and maybe I'll slip some in for you - so that you will feel special- and like a secret shout out to you in my videos-- try some of these out! :) Wouldn't that be fun?! TOTALLY FUN!~

Keep rockin' your workouts!!


Jen Petty said...

Cool, I'm looking forward to checking it out. Sorry, I can't help you with the personal trainer-isms, though every time I think of the P-90 X videos with Tony Horton I think "donuts bad".

sanjay negi said...

yes i like your all post and the way you post, helped me a lot to be fit and active.


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