Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Contest- 50 bucks- CONTEST!!


Here it is---- see the pics above?? Well- your job is to help me with a costume idea! You can sketch it yourself, you can find a picture on the web--- but what would you have The Bertinator look like?! Like my facebook page- and add your pictures to my " Costume Ideas" photo album--- if you don't have a facebook-- e-mail me your picture to! I'll post it for you-- then I choose all my favorites and then the fan voting will begin!

Are you EXCITED?! I AM!!!


And have fun training in the mean time:)


Becky Merritt said...

You remind me of my boss! So energetic, and positive! I love that man!

Lindsey said...

Do you want a super hero look? Or would you want it to have to do with something you love to do? I love to bike so when I was brainstorming costumes, when I thought I might need one, I was thinking of some cycling gear type of outfit... Just a thought of another direction you could go.

Bertie said...

Thanks Becky! I love your boss too! He is the best dad ever:)

Linds- Yes- super-hero outfit! This is for fun- not competition- something I will dawn out every once in a while for fun- and to bootcamp- here and there! Haha!!