Friday, August 27, 2010

YOU have the POWER!!!

One of my favorite things to give my girls at the end of a workout is a power move- that they only have to do 2-3 of! I do this to show them that ANYTHING is possible and you can for sure do at least 1 and most likely more:) Once they can do it- I then start adding the different power moves into their workout making it ever more challenging. My girls NEVER do the same workout twice!:) It is all about keeping your body on its toes--- so here is your first power move to try!

Just TRY it! That is all I'm asking!:)

Roll to pop out push-up

NOW- how do you feel?! It was FUN, huh?? Feel like a kid again:)

1 comment:

Christie said...

OMG that looks hard! I feel like I got a work out just watching you do it. Where do you come up with your moves?