Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes-- you saw that right! I'm creating a whole new persona for myself to make training that much more fun!! Can't YOU wait?!

I know for decades now I've been saying I will post and post regularly, etc ... Well--- without Internet access- or very limited- I was unable to do so-- but NOW!!!! I'm for real?! YES- I AM!

I will post more videos, more fun fitness ideas, amazing recipes-- and eventually my new site will be up and running!

But for now-- follow me on facebook--- the button will be on my sidebar!!!

I will update that quite often--- maybe sometimes even twice a day-- and it will be much more interactive!!

Can't wait to see ya'll over there--- because I need ideas on a costume-- so let's get to it!:)


Will said...

life without internet access...wow i think most of us would simply perish. Welcome back to the www.

Bertie said...

Thanks Will!! It is good to be back:)