Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yummy Yummy Almond Milk!

I just love, LOVE almonds! Especially when they are chocolate covered-- but we aren't thinking about that right now, are we:)

I recently had heard about Almond Milk so I thought, why not give it a try?-- and you know what-- I LOVED IT! It tastes really good-- I got the Vanilla.

I totally recommend you give it a try- and here are just some of the health benefits:

1. It contains no cholesterol or lactose.

2. It is enriched with vitamins!

- Vitamin A- necessary for maintenance of normal development of skin and visual acuity.
Also associated with normal development and growth.

- Vitamin B- necessary for normal digestion of carbohydrates and helps muscular tissues.
as well as other vitamins in the vitamin B complex.

- Vitamin E- helps the blood cells and tissues, decreases the risk for some cancers,
Heart disease and cataracts.

3. Contains proteins for healthy muscles, copper,and magnesium too.

4. It is also used as a dietary fiber.

5. Rich in Arginine and low in Lysine which helps reduce the risk of coronary diseases.

AND the results from drinking Almond Milk on a daily basis is softer skin, helps heal dry itchy skin and helps keep your hair shiny and less oily.

And what part of that do you not like?!

So, next time you are in the store, pick some up and let me know what you think!!


Candid BYU Student said...

thoughts on soy milk?

QuickFit said...

I love Almond milk. I always add it to my smoothies!! :)