Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And the WINNER is.........

(according to

Comment # 13--- Kristie Crandall from the Crandall Clan!!

(insert fireworks here)

Congratulations Kristie! Go ahead and e-mail me at bertieranger4 @ and I will hand these great Pilates DVD's over!

Thanks again to everyone who participated-- keep coming back, because there will be more Fitness Friday Giveaways-- (and I even have more Pilate DVD's to giveaway too!)

I really do appreciate ALL my readers! I'm going to start giving out random giveaway's just for being a regular commenter on my blog-- which means, the more you comment, the better chance you have at getting these "random" giveaways. Because without you reading this- I really would not be as motivated as I am. So, THANKYOU!

And look for a functional/plyometric training workout coming at you later today- with video on how to do the exercises! It is something you can do at home and count as CARDIO-- NO equipment needed! (except yourself and maybe some tennis shoes)

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The Crandall Clan said...

SWEET!!!! Thanks Bertie. Still doing the planks and loving them. :)