Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get ready to PLLYYYOO-- with video!

Hey ladies!!! Well here it is-- an almost 10 minute video for you! Usually I have to cram everything I know into 1 min. and a half, but I now have a new memory card that allows me to video tape for 3 hours! YEAH-- aren't you EXCITED!! A possibility of seeing me on video for 3 hours?? Just kidding- well, not about the for real 3 hours part.

Anyways-- I'm excited for this video- again, it isn't perfect, but instead of doing a 2nd "take" I was like- that was freakin' 8 min. long- I can't do that again! I'm just posting it-- even if Ethan does walk in the room in the end and shuts off my camera! LOL! So, I hope you are able to at least get some exercise ideas out of it and below the video I have typed the exercises I do and what you can do with this functional/plyo training workout.

Plyo/Functional Training Workout

1. football hustle/drop and do push-ups
2. shuttle run/mountain climbers
3. in-n-out squats/jump in place
4. alternating front and back kicks
5. crunches/supermans
6. skiing/run high knees
7. switch lunge/jumping jacks

Now you can either do each exercise for 30 seconds and make each "number" a minute long, and then move onto the next number- or you can repeat the same number making it a total of 2 minutes long. Then either repeat the WHOLE thing one more time- or you can do it later that night- but this is perfect to do while your kids are taking their naps. Or before they wake up and right after they go to bed for the night.

Functional and plyometric training are good for switching things up, and giving your muscles that extra push- they also work your core muscles-- and you don't need any equipment (for these exercises at least) And you can count it as cardio! Who doesn't like that?! And yes- you will be sore the next day. But don't forget you get out of it what you put into it.

So do your BEST! And next time, turn your best into a little better!


Andrea said...

Thanks Bertie! I am totally going to try this today. I'll let you know if I survive :)

Michelle Judd said...

Great workout idea! You are too cute!

Andrea said...

I did this work out today and....I am sooooo out of shape! I definitely felt it. I only lasted for about 20 min, but I am hoping to keep it up and last for longer each time. Thanks!!!!

FitCrazedMomma said...

Hi Bertie!!!!
Love the are the cutest thing!

Bertie said...

Andrea- I'm SO glad that you liked the workout and you felt it and DID it! You go girl-- you will be in shape in no time:)

Marcia and Michelle- thanks you guys are very sweet:)