Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me! ME! Choose Me!!

The WINNER of the Fitness Friday Giveaway IS:

comment #8 - CHERYL!

YEAH!!! I'm so excited for you! I'll be getting the book out to you asap. Send me your address to bertieranger4 @ and also don't forget to let me know what you would like to achieve over the next 4 weeks- so I can create your workout program! It is going to be FUN!

Now onto a few other things! I am going to need your comments for this-- your feedback is motivation for me, and when I don't get comments I feel like maybe nobody is really "reading" this. (even though I know you are-- but the more interactive my blog is, the more fun it will be for everybody:))


1. Ever since my "80's" picture post, I thought about possibly doing a video every Saturday with me all decked out in 80's workout wear - and pumping to 80's music, and having a mini-workout for you-- where it will be longer then just a minute and a half snippet- it may be 5-10 min. long. But, you could workout right along with me, or just laugh at how ridiculous I look (because that is an ab workout) So- either way... you WILL be working out. I need yeah or nay's on this! I won't be hurt if you say no:)

2. If you have won a fitness giveaway- you are more then welcome to still participate in more giveaways. What kind of giveaways are you looking for? It seems as though I have gotten the most comments for the Pilate videos. Let me know what you want- and I'll give it to you (as long as it is fitness related:))

3. I can't believe in just 2 days- I'm taking pictures again... why do I get so scared I'm not going to see any results-- even though I feel great?? Has anyone else out there started their own "fitness" blog-- of your journey?? I WANT TO KNOW:)(and I'll link you)

And last but not least-- thanks for the motivation! Knowing that I have to post pictures every 2 weeks-- because there will be people "waiting" to see them and seeing that I'm that much closer to competing-- really keeps me focused and strong! So - THANKYOU!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days- time seems to have gotten away from me-- but that excuse is about as bad as your excuse not to work out-- so no more days without posts! :) YEAH to resolutions!!

More to come..... until then- please leave me a comment regarding the above questions.

Ya'll are the BEST!!


Unknown said...

I can't believe no one else has commented yet... You are the greatest. I'd love to have some 80's workout videos to work out to. :)
I have not commented before but I'd be interested in a Friday giveaway that is geared to where I am... namely just had a baby and want to lose the "muffin top". You're the expert so whatever works best would be great. Thanks for being awesome!!!

Michelle said...

I'm with Arren. Kicking the muffin top look out the door ASAP is my biggest goal. I really don't know much so any inside information you can give me as to what works best and how our bodies react to what exercises would be awesome. Honestly, I don't think I'd watch the 80's video all the way through. For giveaways, I don't really know what to ask for. Money for the gym!? HA! Just kidding. And, I'm thinking about starting my own [private] fitness blog to keep track! Thanks Bertie!

Melynda said...

I can't wait to see the 80's workout! Also, since I won the first giveaway I haven't entered again. I will now!

Jacalyn said...

If you're brave enough to wear stuff like that, then more power to you! I know for sure that I don't have that kind of courage!

Your blog has seriously gotten me started thinking about what I need to do. I have NO clue where to start and only a vague idea of where I'd like to be. I'll have to get back to you later on this! :)

Bertie said...

Thanks so much for the feedback you guys- and I'm here for you! Whatever you need!

Michelle- I better get your blog address when you start yours:)

Anyone else??