Saturday, April 4, 2009

Please tell me the camera really does ADD ten pounds!

My Story
(It's kind of long)

Growing up I was always very active - took gymnastics for 8 years, and then went on to cheer for 4 years and so fitness seemed just like a natural progression after I graduated from high school. I had been a sucker for weights and being in the gym since I was 16, and started to eat and train my senior year. Then I went off to college and kept training... then I met a boy, who I married shortly after that-- and now I'm still training, but then I get pregnant--- and stop training... and then I have my first son, Dante, and then I start training again... only to become pregnant again ... and then AGAIN! So, after Ethan, I decided- if I was going to do it- it would have to be NOW! So, I signed up for my first fitness competition to give me that extra boost- signed up with one of fitness's top notch choreographers, Cathy Savage, and I finally competed when Ethan was just 15 months old. I took the Ms. Fitness Delta title, and took 3rd in Ms. Fitness Texas. So, the baby weight DID come off---- BUT, I gained it all back plus some... and that is what I'm going to lose again. (training is very demanding and when your body is used to burning so many calories a day and then it comes to a grinding halt... you bet you pack on the pounds.. that is why nutrition is SO important)

The pictures below you can definitely tell which ones are the "competition" and the "nows". I went all the way up to 166 after I competed in just a few short months, and it was HORRIFIC... I have since lost some of that, but still have about 15 more to go. (I was 139.5 when I competed)

I do not rely on the scale. I do weigh myself, but I rely more on my measurements-- because after I had Dante I was 125 at measured in at 18% body fat, but after Erin-- I was 135 and had only 15.5%body fat. If you are losing inches, that is all that matters.

For the last few years I have been in a "non-diet" state. Eating whatever I want- and I mainly tried to eat solely when I was hungry and not just because. I have been able to maintain my weight doing this-- and it has been fun-- but now it is time to buckle down and really hit it hard-- on all fronts!

So, here is to looking to help motivate you guys and get a bunch of motivation in return!

I'm happy to see so much feedback already on what y0u would like to see and hear! It is all coming-- so don't run away just because you saw some really ugly pictures of my behind! My lower half is definitely my problem area!

Here are my stats for future reference too as of today April 4, 2009.

weight: 154
neck: 12 1/2 in.
wrist: 6 1/2 in.
hips: 41 in. (yes, ginormous- but this WILL be changing)
waist: 27 1/2 in.
belly button: 29 1/2 in.
bust: 33 in.
calves: 15 1/2 in.
biceps: 12 in.
thighs: 22 in.

My left and right sides are both equal in measurements, and I will be updating these along with pictures on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Tomorrow look forward to some nutrition advice, and my plan of attack for the week!

Until then, please give me some- Bertie you can do it!! Because after looking at my pictures... I'm like, what did I get myself into?? LOL! Thank goodness for clothes!


Andrea said...

Wow Bertie! You are one hot mama. Is that weird that I'm saying that? I am just impressed that you are so willing to put photos of yourself in a bikini up. How did you get your tummy so flat after 3 kids? That is my "problem area".

Jill Hunt said...

You are awesome Bertie! I am very impressed and am anxious to do it with you! So tomorrow I will take my measurements and start working at my goal as well. I hope I can keep up with ya! I am so anxious to lose this flabby baby weight! Good luck! You rock!

Katie said...

hot mama!!

R Riley said...

You still look great Bertie... not many women after having three kids can still get into a bikini and look great. My lower half has always been my problem too.. and it's where I always gain my weight...

Bertie said...

Thanks Andrea, Jill, Katie and Rebecca! I needed just THAT to keep it going and not to get down on myself-- because we all know what happens when I do-- I eat! LOL! :)

I'm glad I have faithful readers thus far!