Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where do I start??

The first thing you need to do is get a sch-aweet outfit like this! Seriously- instant motivation.. because you will be IN STYLE! I mean, who could put an outfit on like this and then NOT feel like working out?? Not ME! I'd be doing old school jumping jacks and side to sides! Oh- YEAH!

Now that you have the really cool getup... you need to set some goals and then get to business.

Here is a piece of my advice when setting your goals:

Start from the bottom, not the top.

When you start working out, start with 10 min. a day 3 times a week. Then build from there. You don't want to out do your body the first week of working out, because then you are more likely to give up- by saying, "I'm too sore" or "I can't run for as long as I used to, so why try?"

This way, it is easier to hit your goals as well, and you can have the pride of achieving your goal and being more motivated to hit your goals for the next month.

Another reason for this... is because if you start working out an hour a day for 6 days a week, then when you hit a plateau... you will have to start making that hour an hour and 5 min. to break through the plateau. It is much easier to go from 10 min. 3 times a week to 20 min. 4 times a week to break your plateau then the former.

This is also why the last 5-10 pounds is so dang hard to lose!

It is better to start somewhere-- ANYWHERE.. and 10 min. a day for 3 days a week, does not seem quite as daunting as 45 min. a day. You won't be thinking.. how am I going to fit that into my schedule, how am I going to get my kids to be good for THAT long. Right now you just need to work on consistency.

Also, diet wise, don't cut everything that is considered "bad" out of your diet cold turkey. Take it a day and step at a time. Stop adding things to your meal- like extra butter, salt, extra cheese, etc... Take it slow. Cutting these simple calories will make a HUGE difference. Then when you hit a plateau or when you think you are ready to cut something else out-- go for it. You are more likely to get discouraged and eat everything in site if you cut everything out and then are less than perfect.

You pretty much want to set goals-- that YOU will get to say, "YES! I did THIS!" Because achieving a goal gets your confidence up and you can start making harder goals KNOWING that you CAN do this!

And as always just HAVE FUN WITH IT!!


Melynda said...

I can't believe you posted that picture of me! I knew you were jealous of my thong leotard, but really you took it too far. :)

You're great, Bertie!

Bertie said...

I'm SO sorry--- but you just look SO awesome in it-- that I had to post you-- I mean- HAWT!:)