Sunday, February 27, 2011

The 90 Day Bertinator Blast!

You have 24 hours to act on this and get it FREE!
Ends 2/28 at MIDNIGHT
The 90 Day Bertinator Blast

The Bertinator Blast is based on 3 different nutrition phases per month combined with
different work outs that will be filmed by me- special for YOU!
The nutrition part will be based on teaching your body and tricking it into using foods to help burn the fat and bringing it back to its state of natural eating. You will be eating lots of SUPER FOODS and learning different food combinations that work best for YOUR body and help your body digest at a fast rate- so that your body doesn’t hold onto fat, or distribute your food as fat.
The 3 different phases will ease you into this lifestyle. You get to pick your foods based off of a shopping list I give you. I don’t make you cut out any single thing from your diet. However, over time, I believe you will notice less of a craving for the “bad” stuff, anyhow.
The work out portion - is based off of my mentality of training smarter, not harder. And
getting the most effective training in the least amount of time as possible. You will BURN it
up! I will be filming 2 different 15 min. workouts a week that you will rotate between. As we get further along- you will have more workouts to choose from. Some will be super intense- others will be more for your relaxation/meditation.
The more closely you follow the program, the more effective it will be AND the better your results. You will need to check in with me weekly on a personal level to make sure it is working for you, and if we need to tweak anything for you- to make it even better.
This program is my baby- and it is FREE... for now. After I start to see some major results from YOU... then I will start charging others for this service. So, feel AWESOME that you are getting in on this project NOW! Please do not share this program with anyone without my permission. This is all I ask in return for the “free program”. And that you share your awesome results with me!
If you think you are interested in The 90 Day Bertinator Blast, please e-mail and say, "I’m IN"... and the program will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

The program will start March 1st and will end on June 1st, just in time for the SUMMER!
Are you ready to get SEXY for the SUMMER?
Let’s DO it!


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