Friday, February 18, 2011

Pre-Finalists!! You help choose the WINNER

 The contest officially closed on Wed. evening. Since then I've been going crazy trying to decide which names should make the "finals". I had to drag in my super creative husband to help me whittle them down.

We have a grand total of TEN in the running! A little excessive- YES! - but we will get a majority of votes, and then choose the top 3 from VOTES and then re-vote on those 3 for the final WINNER!

If you really want that $50 gift card to amazon then you can "bribe" your friends to vote for your name. But- for the vote to count they must be a fan of The Bertinator. The voting will be going on over at The Bertinator page, and the 3 names with the most comments saying so- will move to the final... FINALS!

Here we go:

1. Booty Busters
2. Bertie's Babes
3. Bertinette's
4. Bad Lasses
5. Bertie's Power Rangers
6. Bertie's Busy Bees
7. Fat Fighters
8. Fitness Fanatics
9. Lean Mean Bertinating Machines
10. Mini (or Little) Bertinator's

I will also post these over at The Bertinator - and I expect to see lots and lost of comments regarding which one YOU want!!

Voting closes tomorrow at 8:00 PM PST.

Can't wait to have a name for all my little followers;)

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