Sunday, February 6, 2011

ReVAMP Time!

  Are you ready to revamp YOUR life?? Are you ready to get exactly what YOU want out of life-- starting with your health and fitness?? I'm READY to help you- and take you ALL the way.

  Speaking of "revamping" what do you think of my new design on my blog? I'm going to start blogging more frequently- and will still continue to facebook and twitter as well. I'm going to be ALL over the place, because the closer I am to you , the more likely you are to stick to your goals and get her done. I will be everywhere you turn;)

  So, with all this newness- I'm going to ask another round of what do you want to see more of? What do you want me to post more about? What do you like about my blog and what do you wish I would do without?

 The more feedback I get back, the better my blog will be for YOU! Can't wait to hear from you- and be looking for at least a blog 3 times a week!


1 comment:

Katie said...

I love your blog and miss your regular posts! I love how you make things make sense that should be common sense, but sometimes arent, if that makes sense? Anyhow, I love the challenges, I love the info, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Would love to see more on nutrition, energy, etc, whatever you have, keep it coming!