Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Caffeine Really Bad For You??? (5 day challenge)D

"Caffeine, by any measure, is the world's most popular drug, easily surpassing nicotine and alcohol. Caffeine is the only addictive psychoactive substance that has overcome resistance and disapproval around the world to the extent that it is freely available almost everywhere, unregulated, sold without license, offered over the counter in tablet and capsule form, and even added to beverages intended for children."
(The World of Caffeine)

Story Time: (which means time to settle in for a great read, and maybe some tissues, and get ready to be entertained)

    Once upon a time I had never been exposed to caffeine. I was never a big soft drink girl-- in fact I NEVER drank anything carbonated period-- which meant I just never had caffeine, except for what was in chocolate (which some could debate I would eat at a rate of what was probably equal to 100 soda pops a day) At any rate... my body was pure:) 

 Then I had 3 kids and I was working MANY hours a day on our family business, on top of competing in fitness competitions, or prepping and I was introduced to Mr. Caffeine. Let's just say I NEVER looked back. I had sooooooo much energy. I "loved" it for a while, and believed I could stop at anytime-- once my life "settled" -- (Let's all do a collective ha..ha....HAAA... right now) Life NEVER settles down-- it just keeps going and getting busier. And once it settles- something will be thrown your way, and you are back in the "game" of life. So- needless to say- here I am 6 years later!!  And guess what?! I can pop 6 No Doz-- and NOTHING will happen--- absolutely NOTHING!! I was to the point where my body was completely used to the caffeine- and because I was taking such high dosages-- instead of my body going into a "good alertness" I was turning into an anxious, depressed (for me), and turning into a REALLY mean mom! I decided to CUT out the caffeine. I didn't care if I was a tired old fool-- I was just going to do it! And GUESS what happened??

   I DIDN'T die!! Aren't you SO happy:) It has now been about 3 weeks- and I have not had an ounce of caffeine (besides what is in chocolage;)) - Side effects: slight headaches the first couple of days-- tired about the same-- then after the 2 day mark-- I had MORE energy then when I was on caffeine! Meaning-- this mom of 4, waking up at 4:45 AM Mon-Fri, teaching 10 boot camps a week, spending COUNTLESS hours in the car driving any and everywhere from kids lessons, errands, volunteering, etc..... had energy to do it ALL! When I was on caffeine- I would still have to take a nap, and I would literally be DEAD at 9-- I mean- eyes could hardly stay open, I was a walking zombie! Off the caffeine- I have no trouble jumping out of bed, and 15 minute power naps are my friend-- or quick exercise bursts. AND I'm not dead at 9:00 - I can even stay up til' 10:30 on week nights- or at least have energy to put my house back in order after the day is done. This last Sat. I was out til' 1 AM WITH energy!

  Caffeine can also have an effect on your metabolism- breaking it down to "half-life" - who needs that?! It is also a cross between a neurotoxin and a psychoactive drug-- niether of those sound appealing to me!

 Tips for cutting out the caffiene: 

1. I recommend slowly cutting back to avoid the headaches- however I did it cold turkey, and I didn't die- and it was quick and pretty painless. If you get headaches- I do think Excedrin is ok, even though it has caffeine. I will still use it if I get a headache- but rarely. 

2. If you need that "pick me up" in the afternoon or early morning- I suggest a 15 min. power nap-- or 15 push-ups, 25 jumping jacks, or running up and down stairs. You need to get your blood FLOWING!! 

3. Don't have ANY in your house- if you don't have it, you can't break down:) 

4. Always give it a test run- see how your mood changes, if your energy level goes up or down. Anyone can do something for 5 days- so go for it!

5. Get sleep! I don't care if there is a dead man at your door begging for help at 11:00 at night- YOU go to SLEEP! Your sleep is vital to you having energy throughout the day! I never thought I could be an "early" morning person- after 2 AM was my regular bed time, but then since teaching these early morning boot camps- I have had to rearrange my schedule - and I make sure I'm in bed by 10. Seven hours is my "magic number". And I don't have ANY trouble getting out of bed. (another post on this some other time)

This is my FIVE day challenge to you! Who is on board?? Don't take my word for it- try it out yourself and let me know how it goes. Cut out that caffeine and get ready to be a NEW you. We are revamping in style while building rockin' bodies and giving you the life YOU want to live. 

The Bertinator

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