Saturday, April 11, 2009


YUMMM! Look at all that candy! Don't you just want to eat it all... RIGHT NOW!

Well, guess what-- YOU CAN!

My theory on eating desserts or candy or whatever-- is that it is YOUR choice.. and all I want you to do is MAKE that choice.

Feeling guilty is the worst feeling in the world-- and when you choose not to eat a piece of candy or whatever and you end up eating it, then you feel guilty and then what happens... you end up eating more saying, "Well, I've already blown it for today!"

So, if you are going to eat the candy or banana split-- CHOOSE to eat it and ENJOY it! It is not going to make or break you... if you have some dessert here or there. What will break you is if you decide that it's too late and you end up eating all day junk, thinking, tomorrow you will have to be good again and so I better eat everything I can now, or else I'll never be able to.

Am I right or am I right?!

I think guilt is what is keeping people from losing the weight... what do they say now, that cortisol is what causes fat to go right to your stomach?? Or stress makes it HARDER to lose weight! And if you are stressing over eating that apple pie, then it will be THAT much harder to work off.

So, my number one rule is "Make your choice" and WHATEVER that choice is... be happy about it and enjoy whatever you eat! Which means if you choose NOT to have junk food- that is awesome!! But don't complain... "Oh, I'm on a diet and I can't eat that... and I can't wait until I get to my goal so then I can pig out" Instead say-- I don't want to eat that because I'm going to have a KILLER body in a few months!

It really is all about how you look at it:)

Have fun and ENJOY your day!

ps. I'm so excited about my response for the giveaway so far! Ya'll are doing great. I wish I had more time to day to respond to some people - but Saturdays are typically crazy-- and the Sat. before Easter is even more crazy.. AND we have some family coming in tonight.. so I'll try to get back on later with my last 2 days of workouts and responses to ya'll. Until' then I'm off to the soccer fields, then Easter egg hunting, etc...


Kaylynne said...

That is totally me. I just have to except that I am not on Biggest Loser and will not lose weight as fast as them. Sometimes it is hard but I have to remind myself of the long term change I have to make and sorry but sometimes that means eating junk, just not all the time.

Amy said...

Hey Bertie--I was friends with your sister Amy when I lived in Texas and I just came across your new blog. I LOVE IT!
This is such a great post...what a good point! Yesterday, in honor of this post I decided to have some leftover cheesecake from Easter and that was that. I didn't sneak candy, I didn't have a second piece, I just decided to eat one with no guilt. It was so good!
Anyway, love your blog and can't wait to follow along!!!!

sommer said...

that was a great post. and i believe that the guilt thing translates into many aspects of our lives. good insight!

Bertie said...

Kaylynne- I'm so glad you are looking at the big picture:) You are awesome!

Amy- I'm so glad you found my blog! How fun-- and I have gone to your blog before too- when you were the "Lawsons Do Dallas" and I know you have moved since then- anyways-- you are hysterical:) I think my favorite post was the "running skirt" one! I'm glad my post helped you out!:)

Sommer- Thanks! Too many things make us feel guilty in life- and eating food shouldn't be one of them! LOL! :)

Michelle :) said...

You are so right my dear!!!! Any advise how I can loose my stomach fat