Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slowly but surely

(yes it will!)

If losing weight was a 12 step program, accepting and realizing that patience is a must would be step NUMBER one for me. Who else has complete IMPATIENCE when it comes to....You start back on your diet, and exercising like the hulk and a gal on speed... and when within the first week you don't lose anything more then a pound you give up!? Anyone else like that??

I feel like patience is the main reason people fail at getting to where they want to go. Everyone wants everything to happen right now, right this minute, and well.... that doesn't happen too often! No one wants to really put in the work and effort.

So, while yes- I will be looking forward to seeing changes- I'm NOT going to focus on that... I'm going to focus on how it makes me feel.

When you leave the gym after a really good workout session-- how do you feel?? I know for me- I feel like I can do ANYTHING! I feel strong and empowered and WOW..... look what I just did! And I LOVE that feeling... and I think... why do I ever let my day get too busy for me to workout?? It is so worth it!! I know if I stay focused on the way I feel... rather then--- oh, what did I lose today?? Then time won't seem to go by so slowly on getting my fitness body back and then some!

Yesterday, I went back to the gym for something other then racquetball... I did a circuit routine which I made up as I went along... and I actually thought it was fun! I've never been a big circuit fan... but since I'm just now getting back into the gym with lifting again, I thought I would take it easy for the first little bit, just to get back into the swing of things.

Here was what I did:

5 min. warm-up on the treadmill (4.2 mph, 0 incline)

leg press: 2 sets, 18 reps, 50 pounds
supersetted with boy pushups: 2 sets,10 reps,bodyweight

3 min. treadmill (4.2 mph, 3.0 incline- try REALLY hard not to hold onto the treadmill... use your core strength to help you walk... it is killer!)

lat pull down: 2 sets, 18 reps, 30 pounds
supersetted with tricep bench dips: 2 sets, 15 reps, body weight... legs extended

3 min. treadmill (3.8 mph, 4.0 incline)

hyper x-tensions: 2 sets, 15 reps, bodyweight
supersetted with bicep curls: 2 sets, 18 reps, 7.5 pounds

3 min. treadmill (3.7 mph, 5.0 incline)

planks: 2 sets, 45 seconds, bodyweight
ss walking lunges: 2 sets, 16 lunges per leg, bodyweight

3 min. treadmill (3.8 mph, 4.0 incline)

5 min. cool down on bike

stretch 15 min. (ALWAYS- make time for stretching... VERY important)

My routine is NEVER the same... you always have to keep your body guessing-- whether you up the weight, change the reps, change the sets, change the exercise... WHATEVER-- but change, change, CHANGE! I usually have a rep number in my head... and once I reach that rep number- then I up the weight and then monthly I change the exercises up. Your body gets used to EVERYTHING. It is fascinating!

One last reader request before I sign off for now... NUTRITION. I feel bad that so many of you asked for nutrition help... and I will give it! But I'm rusty in that department and while I brush up and start eating like a champ again... I'm going to direct you to my good friend Lindsey's "Fit Eats" site. She has some awesome recipes and good advice as well. She just had her 3rd baby in September and she is already like 2 pounds away from her pre-preggers body! AMAZING! Anyhow- she has her diet in check.. and I think I'll let her take over that for now-- but I will be posting on nutrition here later-- just felt that if you wanted direction now-- there you go. Fit Eats is the place to be!

I'll be back after my workout today along with new stuff on my sidebar.

ps... I would love to have more people to follow their workouts and eating as well.... so I say you should ALL start a fitness blog-- make it private or NOT.. but I will link you from here, and then we will have a support group. I really did like the message boards-- but they were so confusing, and if you didn't check them for a day or 2- you got LOST in the myriads of messages from other people-- that you have to go back 16 pages to see how that person is doing... so blogging is much easier to keep up with. Who is IN?? Just let me know your link... and I'll be an avid follower and help be your biggest fan!

Workout terminology to be a sidebar note too... so let me know what words you may or may not know, or exercises!


herofanfamily said...

Maybe I'll start a progress blog, it won't be much for anyone to get any tips off of, but I really need to make myself have some accountablity for what I do. I'll figure out what I want to do and try and get it up and going in a few weeks. Maybe knowing people are looking and watching will help me stay on track. Good Luck Bertie, I don't think you will have to much trouble getting back into shape.

jb110402 said...

I need motivation, I want to hit the gym but ifI dont have some who makes me or pushes me till I get in a routine in doing it , I wont go. Do you want a work out buddy?

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the props! Love ya girl!

Bertie said...

Kristy-- totally start a blog! I will be there as soon as you do:)

JB110402- I'm not sure who you are- but it is always fun to have a workout buddy- e-mail me at bertieranger4@gmail.com and we will see what we can workout! But beware- I'M TOUGH!!:)

Linds- No prob girl- you deserve it! Just keep me and my readers happy too with your awesome fit eats! :)