Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Music... music and then MORE Music!

How fun does it look like these people are having?? (And this really is the effect of listening to some really good tunes)

I love jamming to some great music during my workouts-- and it will vary from workout to workout and weather I'm doing cardio, or HIIT, or lifting weights, or stretching.

On my sidebar I have been posting a tune a day, and I would love to have your input on the songs you listen to, and who knows, maybe it will be the tune of the day VERY soon!

As much as I love music, there are other times, that I love just to clear my head and "think" to myself. And enjoy just being with myself and the road (ok... maybe it is really because I'm scared someone might be running up behind me to get me) but I still enjoy that time when I can think clearly and have my mind be open!

Tuesday Cardio: running outside... alternating 75 paces running 75 paces walking for 20 min..... you will all learn pretty quickly I'm the WORST runner in the WORLD... yes- worse then you! I don't care how bad or slow you think you are.... I'm worse! I've had many people ask me to go running with them and I will gladly admit how terrible I am, and how they REALLY don't want to go there-- to which they reply-- I'm not that fast, and I stop like every 2 minutes to walk-- you'll do great!... and needless to say-- I'm NEVER invited back...because I'm REALLY that bad!! (at running)... but I still attempt it, because it kicks my butt!

Have a great day everyone- and give me your favorite tunes to jam to!

ps- video is coming!!!!


Katie said...

Stronger - Kanye West (edited version of course!), Mr. Brightside - The Killers, Disturbia - Rihanna, Crazy in Love - Beyonce.. I could go on and on with music! I MUST have good tunes when I run, it keeps me pumped!!

Kaylynne said...

I would like to challange you to the worse runner award. I am trying to run the Beach to Bay relay marathon in May and that will be 4.4 miles. Today was day one training.

Bertie said...

Katie- THANKS!! I can't wait to use some of them- keep them coming! :)

Kaylynne- You go girl! And- believe me-- so far, everyone who has challenged me in this area has taken the walk of shame:) You sure you want to take the challenge? LOL! But in all seriousness- awesome goal to work towards-- 4.4 miles is ALOT!

Melynda said...

Mase-Breathe, Stretch, Shake; Lady Ga Ga-Just Dance;Good Charlotte-Don't Wanna be in Love; Gwen Stefani-It's My Life, etc, etc, etc. I like all kinds of music!

Bertie said...

Thanks Melynda-- I will be definitely using some of that music too! I'm loving these tunes:) Work it!!