Thursday, April 30, 2009

What does your scale say to YOU??

I don't know about you- but my scale ALWAYS says the same thing no matter what! That is why I abhor the scale-- I literally HATE it... and I know that is a strong word-- but I HATE it! This is what MY scale says to me-- if I go up a few pounds it tells me "EAT!" Why bother trying to get smaller- because you never will- so EAT! You are wasting your time-- EAT!!!

Then if I go down a few pounds it tells me "EAT!!" Reward yourself for your hard work and go eat! You can afford a few extra THOUSAND calories- you lost some weight! EAT!!!

Does your scale do this to you too? It seems as though I self sabotage myself when I jump on the scale- no matter what the reading. So- I try really hard not to get on the scale- accept on my "appointed days" and just remember it takes time to get to where you want to be. Measurements are a much safer bet then the scale any day! And I wouldn't try taking my measurements daily-- so why weigh daily?

So- my tip to you- is if the scale seems to "talk" to you too and tell you to EAT!!, then hide it and only get on it once every 2 weeks. Go by the way you feel, the way your clothes feel, the way you look in the mirror naked, and measurements... don't let your scale tell you what to do!

And so that my hubby doesn't think I'm going crazy and that the scale only talks to me--- please let me know what your scale says to you, so that he understands it is a woman thing and not just another quirk of mine:)


annie said...

my scale says, "get off me, fatty!"

Bertie said...

LOL- Annie- you are a hoot:)