Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's do a little ssstttrrrreeetttttcccchhhiiinnngggg!

Yesterday I made this video and I tried to have my husband edit it and cut the beginning and ending, so that you don't see me walking to and from the camera... but when he did, it then some how set my words to go early, and so it looks like my mouth is just running behind. So you get the whole deal!

I decided to add a little stretch in their that you don't have to sit down for and that I do quite frequently (when I remember). It helps to loosen up my hamstrings. It also gives me a little energy after I'm done because it gets my blood flowing through my body again.

Now I'm still new to the whole making a video thing.. and I messed up in a few places, but I'm impatient and after 4 takes, I was like-- I'm JUST going to put it on there! And I want ya'll to get to know ME(shortcomings and all:))- and relate to me, and know that I'm someone who is working just as hard as you, and that it takes work to get from one place to another. And that as long as you do your best and stay consistent then you will get the body you want!

It is best to stretch after warming up for 5 min. or so. But you can also take a warm shower and your muscles will be more stretchable then too.

So- enjoy my stretch for the day! It is a beginning sequence I learned from yoga.
Try to do it 3 times a day holding for 20-30 seconds each.

Where are you the least flexible and would like me to show you an easy stretch for?



kimberlee ann said...

hey bertie!

love the site. :-) yoga definitely gives you a good workout.

you should come and take a class with me sometime!

Bertie said...

I'd love too- do you go to Discovery Green ever to do yoga?