Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tick...tock... time to work it OUT!

(and wearing these awesome pants)

Without a doubt in EVERY fitness magazine or ANY magazine for that matter that has even a fitness article or Q&A in it, the question that never ceases to exist is when is the best time to work out and how can I stick to my workout.

There have been TONS of great tips in those magazines and different articles, but unfortunately, none of them have worked for me. Like for instance, the one where it tells you to set your workout like it is an important appointment (that's a funny word to me.. anyone else?). They say that it will work, because you wouldn't break an appt. with someone else, so why break an appt. with yourself?!

Because I'm a mom?? A wife?? A lazy person?? Something always seems to come up and therefore I sacrifice my "appt" time for whatever else seems more important at the time. So HOW do I keep my workout schedule consistent?? How can I accomplish that, if so far everything I try ends up not really working.

And when is the best time to workout? I've heard early morning - on an empty stomach, so that you burn fat right away and you jump start your metabolism. I've also heard right before bed because then you will have an elevated metabolism and burn more while you sleep. I've tried them all-- and I would PREFER to get it over and done with in the morning but that NEVER happens. It is my favorite time to workout... but I don't feel like I'm ever really getting a GOOD workout THAT early! (as in before 6 AM) But I always have a ton of energy around 5ish-- and LOVE to workout then- but that is when all the kids activities are going on and I have to get dinner ready, etc... So, it rarely works out that way too- and before you know it, I just want to veg with my hubby and go to sleep.

So, WHAT do I do?? Well, I've decided. I've thought back on my 12 years of working out and when I was consistent and when was I not. What was different and what do I need to do now? I mean- I used to hike up a hill for a 1.5 miles to get to the gym... with ALL 3 kids in tow-- (Erin and Dante in a double stroller and Ethan in the baby Bjorn) Now-- that is dedication-- but WHY don't I have that now??

It boils down to excuses and me just being plain LAZY. I'm not TOO busy to workout! Are you kidding me?? (I just like to think I am sometimes:))

I still can't get up before 6 AM to workout, so this means either going after the kids leave for school at 8:00 AM or after soccer practice and dinner... or after the kids go to bed. And so far, I will gauge with what I have going on that particular day- and decide when I will go-- and I think... "Oh, I have to take progress pics in 2 weeks-- I CAN'T miss the gym tonight" (which 2 weeks happens to be tomorrow and it was actually only 10 days.. but tomorrow morning I will have a WINNER AND PROGRESS PICS POSTED)-- so ALL of you = MY MOTIVATION!

It motivates me to get there and get what I need to done! So here are my answers to those 2 questions, from my own personal experience.

Q: What is the best time to workout?

A: Whenever you feel like you have the energy to workout as hard as you can!! But anytime is better then none-- so whenever you can make it or do it, just get it done. Working out is working out.

Q: How do I stay consistent in working out?

A: Just do it. Don't necessarily set a specific time each day-- unless your days are all the same. But plan the night before and look at your day, and decide what time looks best for you and then just go! It may differ from week to week and you may have to adjust your workouts. Some may need to be longer, some shorter. And if you are at home and you never know if your kids will give you a quiet moment at the same time... then you may need to wait til' they are in bed for the night or early morning before they wake up, but look at what works best for you- and take it one day at a time! It's tough! Whoever said making time for working out was easy?? (maybe no one, I dunno) It also helps to keep a calendar and you can circle the days you worked out for the month, and then just try harder next month, try to add at least one more day. But if you don't have anything to measure against then you won't know if you are doing better or worse or staying the same.

There is my 2 cents for the day- and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the BIG WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT and my updated pics and stats!!


herofanfamily said...

I agree being a mom does make it hard to have a consistant time to work out, but I think mostly I'm just to lazy. I do really good for a while then, school stuff, sick kids, or whatever throw it off then it takes me a while to get back in the grove, but I can say I never completely give up on myself. I do keep trying and maybe one day I will succeed. Keep going Bertie!!!

Bertie said...

Kristy- thanks so much! I'm proud of you for not giving up on you!:) Thanks for the encouragement too-- it is always needed!